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leaving hospitality questions

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needing someone to talk to


many of you probably are and have gone through what am going through below


How do people know when it’s time to move on from hospitality and retail and what do people do to hang on a little longer if they’re not quite ready to move on just yet or if this job is currently only option or if they can’t afford to not work and they haven’t got their plans in place just yet when they want to get out and have done for a while and know they can’t just yet.


reason is that am working in hospitality and have done so far for 14 years and feel tired and had enough and want to do other things while able to still and have done for a while and since 2020 the industry has just got harder which is the reason for starting to do whats needed for the next thing.


you just wonder if the shop will ever sell or if you just might have to work to your own timeline and plans and ignore sale and you keep telling yourself to try and hang on a little longer.


How do you tell the owner you probably won’t stay on after sale or new owner that you’ll only stay 3 months and/or you’re no longer able to do the hospitality side.


There’s been changes in last 3 years and had enough and want to do other things.


A cafe down road has closed down and it’s made things harder for us and you wonder how much longer it’ll keep going on, would it be better to have a talk and apologise for any inconvenience.


plus grandparents are needing more done as they get older as well.


you see others only having to work a set schedule and having a life outside work and it seems far away before you get to do same and you wonder how long before it happens.


this xmas may be the last one doing hospitality work, probably wont be doing it in a couple years.



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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Car10001~

Welcome back.

I read throughout most of you past posts that you have two major things on your mind (please excuse me if I've missed osmething).


The first is your job. You have been in the hospitality industry in the same shop for a great many years and know the owner well. You are not enjoying the work and find the hours difficult. On top of that I think you might be wondering if the owenr is going to sell up.


Looks like it might be time for a change though it's not always a good idea to leave one job before finding another. Not only is it finances but also if you are already employed htat can make you more attractive to a prospective employer.


I guess Smallwolf has already asked you the important question - what would be your idea of a good job?  Unless you have something to aim for it makes the whole business that much harder, so unless you can think of something the chances are you might keep on as you are now.


This really leads on to the second thing, you want to improve your social life and maybe find a special friend. In your current job your hours are not that helpful. Having said that I'm sure there are many in the hospitality industry that work roughly the same hours and have roughly the same hours free.


Can you devote some of your spare time to doing things where you are likley to meet people? Volunteering springs to mind


I guess if it was me I'd not leave a secure job to make for a better social life, but because  I had something different I really wanted to do. The Social side of things depends more upon making opportunities.


What do you think about this?



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hi again


how do you hang on longer when you just want to get out and move onto other things while you can still work.


plan to be handyman which will include electrical test and tag and minor repairs to small appliances and handyman tasks after shop sells or a couple more years whichever is first.


started planning and doing everything needed now no matter how small at a time because probably wont be staying on after sale if owners want to keep staff or be doing hospitality in a couple years whichever is first and it makes sense to do as much as you can now no matter how big or small.


and also probably wont last another 5 years doing hospitality.


what are other clues other than what we spoke about that it may be time to move on from the hospitality job to a more interesting thing such as handyman and what can you do to try and hang on a bit longer out of loyalty and because of it currently being your only option for money when you just want to move on but know you cant just yet
because things happen or doesnt go how you expect (one example is the grandparents hot water service blew a fuse and their house still has the rewirable fuse and had a plug in circuit breaker of same rating that plugs in where old fuse holder goes and they wanted to keep the old fuse) and every time things happen or dont go how you expect it reminds you how much you just want to get out the hospitality industry and you know you cant just yet and you always keep telling yourself that it wont be much longer and to just hang in there. what would be able to be done to try and hang on for now. cant really put the word out there at moment for the services because current job takes half your time and grandparents are getting old and doing more for them and theres not enough time left and any time left is valuable

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Car10001~

I think the good thing is you have an idea of what you might want to do. Being a handyman and tag testing are certainly far removed from hospitality.


You asked how to you hang on in the meantime. I think in our modern regulated world there may be some tickets that you might look into that allow you to do more. I don't know much about these  practical qualifications but I'd expect there are some . A bit like getting a truck or fork-lift license to increase the sort of that jobs you can do.


You may be able to do things like this at your own pace, still leaving time for you job, and at the same time being able to help your grandparents when they need it. You are right, as they get on in years time does become precious.


Between all three I'd expect time will not drag so much plus it may give you alternative things to think about and occupy you in new and interesting ways.



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How do people know that it’s time to be their own boss and how would they hang on until they’re in a position to do that.

Lot of little things pop up and it reminds you and you keep telling yourself to hang on and that it may not be much longer.

Also how do people know when it may be time to look at moving on from job and on to something else and what do they do to hang on a little longer

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Car10001~

I guess I'd have to see it from a practical point of view, which might be a combination of looking after  your grandparents as they come to need more and at the same time have the financial resources to change to the job that you want, rather than the one you have.


As I mentioned you have a job you would like to do, so I guess it comes down to opportunity. And in the meantime you probably are like most of us and have to keep on going wiht what you do as you depend on the money.


Opportunity may come in two stages, the first being to be employed in the handyman area, then later on when you have the experience and capital, if you still like the job,  start working for yourself.