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How can we foster understanding from the older generation?

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I have BPD, Depression and a bunch of other stuff though they are the main ones. My mother just told me I'm being horrible, I need to quit my negative downer bullshit and get along with my step family who understand me as to the depth of a frozen fish finger. Isolation is my problem, we could (my family) be In the same urban lounge room yet feel like Perth to Melbourne away. This makes me furious in 2017 how can these ignorant people I am beginning to loath be called my family and attempt a relationship with me and my mental health as if it's 1950. As if enough tounge lashings will get the "crazy" out of me. "Have you Tried not taking protein powder?, not having caffeine after lunch?, not thinking about negative things?" Yep this line of thinking exists. Luckily I am blessed with a brain capable of freeing me from this hell. I will complete my medical study and devote my life to freeing other. A proverbial middle finger to mine and all the family's who treat there mentality I'll kin like this and hold on I'm working to help. Thanks for the work moderators and beyond blue for this service. 😊
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Hi Freindincommon, thanks for posting to the forum.

I definitely share your frustration in often what seems to be a prejudice committed by people against the 'attitudes' of others not similar to them, where it is in fact much more than something for them to disagree with. May I confirm BPD: was that Borderline Personality Disorder, or Bipolar Disorder?

It is quite surprising for your own family to not obtain some sort of understanding for what you are going through. Are you currently receiving any treatment? If so, it may be useful for your family to have a session with the person treating you. Psychologists are often very efficient in informing others of the nature of a mental disorder.

It does sound as though your family may have some stubborn dispositions towards change. I certainly hope they are open to understanding more about you, and accepting the task of changing their prior-held beliefs.

I'm glad to hear you are completing a medical degree, despite having a combination of diagnoses. How far into your course are you?

Hope you don't mind the questions, no need to answer if you're not comfortable.


- FC

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You crack me up, (except the fishfinger)😱

I'm still laughing,and I'm not sorry.

I be back

My name is Dory