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Living with Autism and depression

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I was born with a genetic disorder known as FRAXE, though mild it effects me daily and makes recovering from depression almost impossible. I do not look mentally ill so I tend to be treated like anyone else but this often makes it hard in situations that I can’t handle. I’m 192cm and I have a solid build so when I hear loud noises and have a breakdown most people assume it’s drugs or I’m just being an idiot. People think because I don’t look fragile that I must be able to handle anything and yet loud train stations freak me out. My dad is very ill (had cancer and now a infection in his spine + lung cancer) as a 18 year old I feel like I am going through all the worst crap at once. I can’t imagine my future and can’t see how I could even go another 5 years let alone another 18. Last thing, as someone who struggles to express themselves and is socially awkward when I do and an adult says “you’re only 18 you haven’t had any real problems yet” my rage kicks in and I feel like dropping them.
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Your situation sounds extremely tough. My Dad was diagnosed with aggressive cancer when I was 15 so I understand the uncertainty, anxiety and hopelessness the disease can bring to a family. He is recovered now but I am still battling depression which I find hard to understand when my life is so much better than it was.

I am sorry people treat you unfairly. Mental illness is mostly hidden and it can be so hard to deal with when all you want is someone to be there for you but they think nothing is wrong. I understand that you must be feeling overwhelmed and especially with your Dad's illness perhaps unable to control your situation. I understand that the future looks bleak and that you cannot imagine continuing on. I to find it hard to imagine a world in a few years with me in it. But I am getting better.

After years of hiding my feelings because I didn't want to worry my parents because they were already going through so much, I reached out. It was tough and I felt horrible and so scared. Although it took a while I am starting to feel a bit better. I still have moments where I want to disappear but its not as intense. My psychologist is just a phone call away so if I feel I am in crisis I have someone who is there and who wants to help me.

Well done for reaching out to the beyond blue community. It is a big step. We will always be here to listen and support you. I believe you to be stronger than most for you have been through so much recently and you are still here and you have reached out. If you do feel unsafe please call a hotline or perhaps chat online to a beyond blue counsellor.

If I could take the pain away I would but I am sorry I cannot. But I will be here if and when you need me to listen to you and offer a helping hand. I hope something gives. I hope you have some small relief soon from such a daunting situation. Please look after yourself. I hope you feel slightly better soon.


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Hi IntoOblivion

i was just wondering how you were going and if I could help in any way?