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Financial stress contributing to suicidal thoughts

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Hey everyone, 

I’m a 25 year old woman who make about $1200-$1400 a fortnight and I’m in debt, behind in payments, been waiting for months for centrelink to give me a health care card and I’m just done. I pay $300 a week in rent, put $200 towards debt and try live off the extra $100 -$200 for everything else and im just not coping. I was in an extremely abusive relationship for my mid to late teens which resulted in multiple long term injuries, I can’t afford an sort of doctor (pyschologist, psychiatrist, regular doctors or dentists). My health is getting worse and I need access to healthcare but centrelink keep messing me around. Just dont see why I keep trying to continue to fight anymore. Is this world even worth living in once I make it to the other side of this mental battle? I’m just so tired of having to fight to exist in this life. I don’t want to die, I just want peace. I want the stress to go. Anxiety to go. I need a break.

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I hope you find peace and relief.  I would suggest finding a GP that bulk-bills and asking about going to see a social worker.  GP doctors can do a care plan for visits to a psychologist.   To make some extra money, you can sell things online.  

sadly you need a healthcare card for a bulk billing go, I don’t have one yet because centrelink are taking there sweet time

Eagle Ray
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Valued Contributor

Dear ellr,


I feel for you and I know the pressure of dealing with both health issues and financial stress can be extremely overwhelming at times.


A few years back I was able to attend a couple of medical practices that bulk billed everyone. The first was in a suburb I was living in at the time that was a low income suburb with a lot of housing commission homes. This is possibly why this practice just automatically bulk billed everyone. I later went to another practice when I lived elsewhere that was some distance away, also a low income suburb, that universally bull billed. So although I know bulk billing is becoming rarer, you may be able to locate a practice that does it even without the healthcare card. Perhaps look at medical practices in lower income areas and check their website or phone the practice to confirm their billing policy.


Given your trauma history I’m wondering if it may also help to chat to someone like the Blue Knot Foundation when you are feeling overwhelmed. They support people with a complex trauma history and as you’ve been through an abusive relationship they may be helpful to talk to. Their number is 1300 657 380. They are available 9am - 5pm every day (eastern states time). They can help to ground you and to feel less overwhelmed. Likewise, there is the BB Helpline 1300 224 636 which is available 24/7. Sometimes just talking to another human can help us to feel less overwhelmed and isolated.


I know it all feels too much right now and I have felt very similar to yourself before, but know that everything is in flux and things can definitely improve. I know it’s a real struggle that you are going through but know that you can reach out to talk with someone and receive support. Take good care,