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  1. I feel flat not badly depressed. I have  been doing a few things to help myself.  Written down a number of positives that relate to me.

Positive thought I can do this repeat this to myself through the day.

Positive activity. Going to ceramics, and mosaics. Talking and playing with my 3 dogs. Talking to a friend, my GP who is a friend. Talking to God and counting my blessings.

Reading what I am interested in. Watching something on TV that I find funny and makes me smile. Seeing and talking to my daughter. 
Helping her with her mental health, as she gets depression too.

Talking with my doctor and taking my medication, this is important as I have Bi Polar illness. Seeing my Psychologist. Having coffee with some friends once a month. Being part of a mental health support group and trying to help someone else. Having good sleep and doing mindful breathing. Going out to the heated pool once week. Doing some casual work. Plan my day and get two jobs done at home each day. I think I am working towards better health and I appreciate this forum. I hope these words might have helped someone else.


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It sounds like you're doing all the right things to take care of yourself. I get days I feel depressed too. Sometimes I just donate things I make out in the shed to feel better.

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Yes, keeping busy is a good way to deal with depression.  I like swimming at the local pool too, preferably when it's  not too busy.  It's more relaxing when there are less kids jumping in and splashing around.   Walking around the neighbourhood or park is good too.