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Feeling so unsupported and alone

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Does anyone ever feel like no matter how much they try and tell people they're having a hard time coping, others just don't want to hear it? They're only listening for the "yeah I'm fine". I've been having a hard time with anxiety and depression for a few years and most of my family know I have it but don't understand the severity of it. I have a special needs child that has a lot of appointments and things so I'm currently struggling to find work, meant to be planning a wedding that I have no idea how we'll afford to pay at this point. I have no friend's in the town I live in. My family doesn't live close. I just feel like I'm trying my hardest and people can only see my failures. How do you tell yourself that it might work out or that things might get better? No matter how much I try and tell myself, it just doesn't get through.
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Hi Anxiety is who I am

Welcome it has taken a lot of strength and courage for you to open up and ask for advice and support as a mum to a special needs child I know how much it takes it out of you as a parent and with everything else that you have going on in life, and I often feel the same way that sometimes you can't talk to people about what is going on as you feel like they don't understand or don't care

I don't suffer from depression or anxiety but have dealt with it with my ex partner who suffers with it and he would never discuss nor let anyone know that he has mental health issues and decided a long time ago to self medicate with alcohol and other addictions much to his unfortunate demise is there some sort of counselling service you can access? There is a thing called a Sisters Circle, I joined one on the suggestion of a gf we meet monthly and sit and talk about issues in our lives and I realised after my first time that these other women were in similar situations such as myself and felt so much lighter afterwards as it was pointed out at the start that as women we need to be there and support each other in life maybe try and find something along those lines?

More than happy to chat with you so keep posting

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hi there,

unfortunately, a strong fact of life is that everyone is inherently selfish, even just a little bit. i don't mean in a bad way - we all are focused on our own lives. they might not mean to or aren't a very selfish person, but the reason they do not pry is that they aren't thinking about it. if you need support it might be worth even calling a close family/friend and saying ''hey. I'm not okay. Can we talk?'' 9 times out of 10 they will be there for you. When people ask 'how are you?' in our society it is mostly a polite thing to do, not that they do not care, but because they are focussed on other things.

i am sorry that you live far from support - is there a psychologist you could see close to you? that really helped my GAD.

things WILL get better. you need to surround yourself with support, professional or social.

jaz xx