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Dealing with heavy depression

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I have a mental illness called Schizo affective disorder and at the moment I am trying to help myself cope with bad depression. I don't have much support but I write down the things I need and want to do for the next day. I have a doctor but my medications don’t seem to be working. Does anyone have any more advice for me?

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Hello Maddie-7

I'm sorry things aren't going well for yu lately.

Initially, talking to your doctor about the meds is important. Your doctor needs to be monitoring how your meds are working, or not, as much as possible. You can help them to do that by tracking how you are feeling & the symptoms you experience.

It's great to have things to do each day. Having a list is a great idea, so long as you don't overwhelm yourself with too much to do in one day.

All the usual things, such as healthy eating, getting exercise, getting as good a night's sleep as you can & caring for yourself, all apply as much to you as to anyone.

If you can find things to do which interest you, things you enjoy, doing things which relax & decrease stress in your life, then making time for these activities could help a lot, too.

You are also welcome to talk here, on BB, whenever you like. 



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Hi Maddie-7


I'm wondering whether your doctor's been able to help you make greater sense of why you're feeling life the way you are or they've helped you make better sense of what you see, hear or imagine while in a state of what they've deemed schizophrenia. I think there's nothing worse than flying blind when what we need more than anything else is greater clarity. Also has it been made clear by the doctor why the meds aren't working and what the best way forward is when it comes to what's going to work?


Being a deeply feeling gal, I can easily feel 'depressing' at times. Problem is while I can feel something depressing, I don't always know what it is that I'm feeling. For example, I've felt the deeply depressing nature of a serious B12 deficiency and the depressing nature of sleep apnea but I didn't know what the depression was about 'til a diagnosis in both cases. Mentally, I can feel depressing inner dialogue but can't always pinpoint what aspect is in play or what triggered that part of me to come to life. Someone may have triggered the inner critic in me (that can sound brutal) or they may have triggered a part of me that's conscious of every depressing thing in life. On a more soulful level, I can feel where my inner compass is pointing. I can feel when things are going south, I can feel when I'm standing still going nowhere and I can also feel what 'true north' feels like. I can feel myself heading in the right direction. So, whether it's a physically depressing thing, a mentally depressing thing or a soulful thing or all 3 combined, I'll definitely feel it.


Could you be feeling the need to gain a better sense of direction from your doctor or perhaps be feeling something else? Directions from a guide or specialist shouldn't really be along the lines of 'You have this condition and you have these meds. All the best trying to work a lot out for yourself'. Kind of feels like standing still semi alone in the dark. What kind of guidance and support do you feel would best serve you? If you're not quite sure at this point, that's okay. Can be hard to get a really good feel for things sometimes. Perhaps you're feeling the need to be reaching some solid goals, ones that'll take you in a northerly direction.

Hi mmMekitty

Thanks for your lovely reply to my letter on BB. I have had this mental illness since I was 17 I am now 66. My GP and Psychiatrist helped me to go on the NDIS which has been supportive. I am now doing a couple of things that I get some enjoyment from. I need to make more friends but I’m not great at doing that especially when I’m depressed it takes quite an effort to talk to someone. I will keep working on it. I have gone back to work casually and this is good for me. I have a couple of goals that I want to achieve. Unfortunately I have resistant depression to many medications. I know others who have the same problem. So trying to do what I can do to help myself is important. I also count my blessings every day. I find talking on this forum to others who have some understanding about mental illness. Again thanks for your reply it meant a lot.


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Hey there! I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time with your depression and that your current medications don't seem to be effective. It's great that you're taking proactive steps, like writing down things you need and want to do for the next day. In addition to that, I would suggest considering a few other strategies. Reaching out to your doctor again and discussing your concerns about your current medications might be helpful. They may be able to adjust the dosage or explore alternative options.

Additionally, exploring therapy options, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or support groups, could provide valuable tools and a support network.  I highly recommend the article “Mental Illness Happy Hour- A Guide to The Best Episodes”.  It will help you.