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I don't like the world since 2012

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I don't like my generation, not only with modern music, but because I am religious and too rare to relate with their modern secular differences. I also don't like the economy today and the expense of living or with education. I prefer 2000's and 1990's clothing and that is not what they make today. Despite knowing Australia's alright, I prefer the cultural attitude of a collectivist society and I hate the individualist approach for numerous reasons. I definitely don't like how modern people don't have any humility and can't take accountability for when their in the wrong, people are too shallow and socially superficial and the look others down with stigma. I also wish people were more light hearted and that actions were still seen as louder than words, rather than controversial because you said something that should be forgotten about by tomorrow.

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I can relate to everything from economy downwards. I took myself off social media 7 years ago because I was sick of the values and attitudes of the general public. Is our reality wrong or is everyone else just brainwashed? 


I really can't say, I just dislike how everyone thinks you have to be the stereotype of which generation you are, or that you can't have un popular opinions, it's almost like anything before 2000 is controversial. There's so many nationalities, countries and society's that think and believe different and speak and all that, but were born in one place with their own ignorance like anywhere else.

Just curious what values and attitudes did you see that you didn't like. I'd imagine I'd feel the same.

Hi there people saw this thread and see a lot of this sort of thing around here so l just thought l'd throw my 2 cents at it.

But ldk guys , you seem just too caught up on what the norm are doing and thinking but who cares, it doesn't matter. You make your own path in this world and along the way by doing that you will meet people making theirs too and some of them will be similar to you and you'll see your not alone after all.


l'm 50s and l've always been different always wanted different even back at school got laughed at quite a few times for speaking my truths. So it was also around that time l began excepting that l am different to most and proud of it but to get by there was no need to advertise to the wrong people, they don't even matter. The important thing was to follow your path and be you and that ain't gonna be everyone's cup of tea but so what.Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same anyway right.


My whole life is very different to most and that's more often than not been for that better bc l've lived it and done the things l've wanted in the ways that l've wanted.ln some ways it's been harder some easier, but that's life anyway.

Mt daughters 22 and she's having the same troubles bc she's way different to the norm too but she's excepting that too these days and she's following her path too of late and mixes with people that feel similar forgets the rest. Of cause that means she doesn't fit in with everyone but who cares, she doesn't want to fit in with everyone or want their life and attitudes, she doesn't even like their ways, she likes and wants hers and l can respect the hell out of that.


You'll never be everyone's thing and you'll never like everyone's thing but so what, don't even bother trying you do your thing follow your path and heart and the rest will fall into shape.

Be you live you.














It's always been this way, that it's normalised to have a mainstream opinion, and that your weird for having un popular views. It's very hard for me to feel confidence when I am a 1995 Aussie but I'm Old American with Christianity. I am more like a person whose in their mid to late 30's or after 50 because I prefer their music, I just believe the generation is socially different, I feel they convey their insecurities more. I do hate so much that humility is such a rare thing to find out there. I even like the 1950's and the 1930's if we polished away certain faults of those times.

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Hi LostPigeon407


I appreciate your perspective and your wisdom. With the not uncommon proclamation 'I just don't know who I am', you seem to know who you are to some degree.


As a 53yo woman who has seen some things come and go over time (some good and some not so good), I'd call myself 'a soulful hunter gatherer'. In order to help manage my mind, body and soul, I hunt for the ideas, beliefs, practices, experiences etc that best serve me and I gather them when I find them. So, you could say I have a soulful basket of things collected along the way in my life. What's even better involves sharing such things with others who can relate. It can become a lonely experience if we can't find anyone to share who we are with. Clubs, groups, circles or whatever, as the old saying goes 'Find the tribe you vibe with'. Not only can such groups support us, while we support them, but they also have the power to raise us even further when it comes to discovering even more of the best in our self.


With that basket of collectables, I've discovered it's so important to do a kind of inventory at times. It's like 'Let's see what's in here that could be weighing me down. What old ideas, beliefs etc do I no longer need? What ones are no longer healthy for me as I graduate through life along my path?'. I smile when I imagine looking in that basket and finding that others have put beliefs in there, without me fully realising, ones that were never mine to begin with. Then it's like 'That one has got to go' or 'Oh my gosh, will you look at that belief and practice. No wonder I was suffering (through it) so much. I wasn't fully conscious of that being in there'. The belief that we need to fully conform to modern society's standard, when that standard can be a not so healthy one in a number of ways, is one belief that's just gotta go. Practicing adhering to such a standard, so as to feel a sense of acceptance, is something you could call 'The practice of people pleasing'. It can definitely become a little soul destroying in some cases, especially when we never practice pleasing our self.


It's natural for the contents of our soulful baskets to change here and there over time, over the years. What we hopefully find, at the end of a long life here on earth, is a collection of all the things that have come to feed our mind, body and soul in some deeply satisfying way. Of course, everyone's basket will look different. 🙂

Hi YourImaginaryFriend


I've found the quest for a greater level of consciousness or awareness holds a lot of questions and I find 'Is our reality wrong?' to be such a brilliant question. I think our reality, to some degree, is based on what we're asleep to vs what we're awake to. Fully asleep or fully awake are the extremes. Then there's what we're gradually waking up to, which can involve quite a process.


To offer a good example of gradually waking up, while society was somewhat asleep to just how much domestic violence was taking place in homes up to a certain point in history, now we're more awake or more conscious of it. With the white ribbon foundation continuing to raise consciousness while fulfilling needs in the way of support and more, I don't believe society has fully woken up to all the issues with domestic violence. Where is all the support for men experiencing domestic violence? While some may say 'But women have it worse, which is why they need more support', I beg to differ. How much worse can it get for a man who remains in a mentally and/or physically brutal relationship just so he can be there to protect his kids from being abused by the woman who will most likely receive primary custody of them in a divorce? When a man loves his kids so much that he's prepared to sacrifice his own well being, where is the support for such a man? A fully conscious society would come to serve him and his children.


Gradually waking up to a new reality is something that I've found requires an open mind. With an open mind, not only can we let things out of it (letting go of old beliefs) we can also bring new things into it.



Being old fashioned for the times is ok, freedom allows you many things. 


In my 20's with no idea then I was bipolar and a few months ago told I likely was high functioning autistic, I rode my motorbike 5 times to the mountains to - reject society. That was in the early 1980's. Each time I'd return.


I soon figured out that my approach to society was best served if I "took from it what I needed and ignored/didnt get myself involved with the rest of it. That meant working and buying essential like food and medical but reducing my involvement in politics on all levels, evil people and so on. So my life improved because I no longer tolerated toxic people and would reject them quickly.


I made one exception though, that being that I enjoyed giving to those in need hence eventually found this site 10 years ago to feed that desire.


I might mention that as a young teen there was a lady in my neighbourhood that some girls mocked. She was about 18yo and always wore frilly bright coloured dressed and wide brimmed hats to walk around our area. She typified a lady in the 1930's. While girls mocked her I can honestly say she was beautiful, elegant and dashing. 

In my young mans eyes all ladies could dress that way and I'd be delighted lol.



Although l put it very simplified for you op , l don't think you've grasped what some have tried to explain. But again and put simply , you are your own man and you can create your own destiny and among like minded.

Just on your Americanism religious ideals though and as we talked about in your other thread and id, why on earth would you idolize one of the most dangerous maddest and quite fake to just quietly, places on the planet religiously, with also the highest rates of just about everything on the planet too. Why wouldn't you go to the real heart of religion and belief, Rome, Italy. And a relatively peaceful and very beautiful country too but with religion going back 1000s of yrs. lt's also quite a lot cheaper in costs of living than the US.


ps, also just a thank you to rising for appreciating and acknowledging the fact that yeah, unfortunately many men do wind up in an absolutely terrible place through divorce and so again , thanks for that. lt's mind boggling of how little there is out there for the fathers side of things.