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Being laughed at

Community Member

I was laughed at for admitting that I had depression and was suicidal.

I don’t know what to even make of this.

This person went on to tell me that if I were depressed and or suicidal, that I wouldn’t be talking about it. That I would have taken my life.

I am sure that some of us have heard of those who suicide without warning signs ever being noticed. This has happened to me, (a dear friend).

The laughing has me bewildered. Who does this?

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Today I realised that I am a sponge for everyone.

I absorb all their stress and anxiety and it’s making me sick.

I work so damn hard at work and at home and then I collapse.

Today at work I thought that I was going really well on a long outstanding project and actually achieving something. I made a little mistake and I am unsure how to fix it but neither does anyone else.

Today I feel like throwing in the towel. Not only is my coworker critical of my work but lacks the knowledge to even be helpful.

I yelled at him today and gave him a large piece of my mind. I am a jack and a Jill of all trades in my workplace. I just realised that I can do just about everyone else’s work, but not one of them can do any of mine.

I took on a project rather than outsourcing the work to save the business time and money, and today my work gets mocked and critised by a person who Is dispensable.

I am hurt, frustrated and exhausted. It’s so depressing.

Hi Fiatlux, 

Thank you for your post today and for sharing your experience with this community. We are really sorry to hear about what you've been facing at your workplace. 

We wanted to quickly jump back into this conversation to offer an oppurtunity to chat if you want to. We are here for you whenever you need on 1300 22 4636 or via our webchat
If you do ever feel unsafe or that you are in crisis it is important to call 000 as this can be an emergency.  

Please feel free to update us if you are comfotable and to have a look for other conversations that you resonate with. Thank you again for being an important and valued member of this community. 

Kind regards ,
Sophie M

Hi Fiatlux,

Im sorry this happened to you.

Stop, stop allowing people to drain your energy.

We can all learn how to react to someone or something, react in a way that it doesn’t disturb your inner calm.

Give your energy to the people who truly deserve it and the others……. Just let them go and keep moving forward.

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When I read this post I wanted to share a sad experience that occurred to me today.

Last week I organised a social event. Four people RSVPed but only one bothered to show up. Then when the one realised it would be only me and them, they declined to continue with the event. So I participated by myself.

During the event I felt sad. I felt belittled by the other person and also those who didn't even show up. How am I supposed to meet others when I organise events in my interest area that no-one attends, and I am not accepted on events organised by others?

I also thought about my negative experiences in psychotherapy. For the first time I realised that I stopped seeing a psychologist because I was worried about my welfare. Seeing the psychologist made me so sad with my life that I felt worthless and actually a detriment to the world. I feel better not seeing them, even though I have a mental illness.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi P12,

Im so sorry this happened to you.

This is a reflection of the people who did this, it’s not you.

Look at what they missed out on, Im sure you organised a great event.

I understand your feelings P12 but keep trying… your people are out there and you will meet them.

Im sorry your phycologists made you feel the way you felt.

Maybe one day when your ready you could try a new psychologist.