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well its a new year.

Community Member

well its a new year. problem is it started like so many others, going out(yes i was weak) got totally wasted and feeling more alone then ever. 

went and seen my GP today and i am back on my meds so baby steps and i can and will stick to it this time. i have to.

I Want to get better

i need to get well. i want my life back

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey helpmeplease

You will get back on track, you will get better.  But slow baby steps is what is needed.

Good to see your GP put you back on meds; obviously for now you need them.

You are brave and strong


Community Member

Hi helpmeplease

I think soon your new name that you’ll go by on this site will be “I’mbetternowandthankyou’ because I can sense through your latest post that you have the mind-set to really make yourself better.

Don’t worry about the New Year … just blow that off as a one-off, due to it being N.Y.

You’ve been to your Doc and your back on your meds again … and they’ll be kicking in again for you very soon.  And together with them doing what they do and with your positiveness of “wanting” and “needing” to get better, I really think it’s only going to be a matter of time till you can see a rainbow for you.

But also, as you’ve been doing, please come on here and post away if you feel the need.

Keep on with the positiveness, it’s brilliant stuff.