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New YearsEve

Community Member

Going to be home alone for new years tonight. 

Scared as all hell. Just me, my thoughts, my regrets and my pain.

my fears already made me lose the plot yesterday. started a argument with my intetstate partner all over being scared he will go out and have to much fun with his mates at the pub tonight. Gave him absulute ****. cant beleive how much i hurt the one and only true support i have.

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Vegetarian Marshmallow
Community Member

Is there not some public event you could go to?  There are usually a few free things going on.  Check out meetup.com and the community newspapers.  Even if it's something terribly boring, like a bingo-ball-cleaning convention, it's probably better to be around people.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi helpmeplease

How are you feeling now?

I just want to let you know that I agree with Odin's Beard about getting out there if you can.  If you can't please don't be afraid - the beauty of this site is that we are never alone!!  There are heaps of us here at BB world all with very similar issues hanging out and supporting each other through our many tough times.

So if you can't go out perhaps you could log on and we here can have our own little New Years Party.  I'm probably going to be doing just that with Max TV on so I can have the occasional boogie, party themes starting at 4pm.

Anyway whatever you decide to do mate, take care of yourself and know that we are with you!

Big hugs Amamas

hey guys 

thanks for the support. i am now home alone tears rolling (as usual) but for once because i now know about this site and you all have been a great help. 

i am scared how the night will play out but i know at least while home alone i cant be tempted into my fav way of numbing my pain. so i to will be online to chat and help each other get through this horrible night


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey helpmeplease how are you doing?

I'm watching max tv top 100 party anthems.  Currently number 4 which is the mighty Eagle rock.  

If you are still up I'd love to hear how you are now.

Happy New Year!

dear Helpmeplease, I can understand why you got upset with your boyfriend as he was going out to the pub, and perhaps it wasn't so much as he might be having fun, but you concern is that other girls might hook up to him for the night, and this would make any partner annoyed. Take care. L Geoff. x

Community Member

Hi helpmeplease

It’s a day or so now since we’ve last heard from you.  How are you going??

Have you been in touch with your partner recently?

I hope that you’re going ok.

Kind regards


hi neil, 

New yrs ended like most others me giving into demons ended up going out. big mistake felt good for a few awhile, come down was hell. yes i spoke to my partner he ended up just drinking at his mates house. He didnt want to stress me out anymore then i already was.( thats the reason i ended up going out myself i felt horrrible that he once again was put out by me) 

Im doing out so far today. baby steps