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Valentine's Day

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
We had our Christmas and Stralia day the next is Valentines Day. So post here for your proposed Valentine tuesday 14 february. So go to it people.
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Oh gosh kanga,

This is a touchy subject and good on you for doing it. Lol.

St Valentine? I don't know much about that saint.

Can you help me here. Anyone?

I don't think I have a proposed Valentine.....yet. I better hurry feb 14 is very soon.

Peace master kanga


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I'm a brave little kanga. This way you can profess your love for some one in aiminity. Feel that your loved by someone. And know you don't have to commit to a full on relationship. How blokey do you want to get. Kanga

This year is sure rushing by...Christmas, then Australia Day and now Valentine's Day.

I have just picked a beautiful red rose I have been growing to put in a vase on the kitchen bench for my wife. I am also feeling a little sad today, as I have close friends in Vietnam who are celebrating Tet - Lunar New Year. I was there last year and it was a wonderful time with their families and friends. We dont experience that here in Australia. So all I can do is send warm greetings to them online and maybe an online greeting card or two. I also checked out Youtube for a video of Tet in Can Tho. It is so warming to see the beauty of the lights, the flowers, the love in peoples' eyes