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to my Friends on Beyond Blue

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
to my dear friends on this site, I have just got rid of a virus, so I haven't been able to reply, and now it's wind down time for me, so I know that all of you will take over as my silly hours kick in, you are all capable of holding the fort as I know you all can, and I have every faith in all of you, just as you all trust each other. Geoff.
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Take care of yourself Geoff and I hope you get the rest you need. I'd suggest chicken soup but maybe too hot for it!

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Hi Geoff,

Sorry you have not been well. You were the first one to respond to me when I first posted and with really kind words. I will always appreciate that. Hope you don't get into the habit of not posting.

I always look out for your posts. You will be missed.



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Oh Geoff take all the time you need and get better. There are nasty viruses around. Good vibes your way- and get better soon 🙂

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Hi there my good friend

Thanx for letting us know ... and I sure hope that you've kicked the virus right out of your system.  And yes, please look after yourself (and MooMoo) and we all look forward to having you back with us real soon.

We'll do our best to cope without you ... it won't be the same, but I reckon you won't be that long till your back with us.

ps:  I've been meaning to ask ... I read on another post that you were about to take Moo Moo out to the park, but Geoff, you said it was something like 2am!!   Holy ... I mean, what the ... ???  That's amazing.

Cheers and hope to have you back on deck in no time.



Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Geoff

I hope you feel better soon.  Pls take it easy.

Neil - I read that post as well and thought ...... what the hell ..... I'm probably in my 3rd dream and poor Geoff is out there in the park with Moo Moo.

Geoff, hope you come back on here soon

Jo x

Community Member

Hey Geoff,

sorry to hear you haven't been well. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

Mary 🙂