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Wildfires in Vic

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Hi guys,

Just a quickie.  I live in a wildfire affected area of Victoria.  I had to evacuate my house early in the week, but I'm back home now and all is well.  My husband and I both volunteer with an emergency service, so we've been quite involved and it's kept us busy.  I have been involved with disaster relief before so I am not too concerned for my safety or that of my husband, but my brain seems to be doing some weird things this time. These last few days I have found myself wanting to be helping all the time, and when I've got some down time all I can think about is how I should be out there doing my bit.  I'm not sleeping well (although that's nothing new) and only eating when someone reminds me (thankfully that is 2 or 3 times a day, so I'm not going to drop from hunger.)  I have been leaving work early to help out all week, but I feel like I haven't done anything at all.  I KNOW I'm being useful, but my feelings say 'do more, do more.'  I keep seeing people who have lost so much and I guess I feel kind of guilty that I'm not doing more to help them, I've never felt this way before with disaster relief.

Can someone help answer some questions if possible? Is this feeling a common thing with those who are involved in an emergency service?  Is it because this time I was personally impacted, even though it was in a small way?  Has anyone else on here felt this way too?

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dear Scorch, firstly I am pleased that you and your husband are safe, and secondly you both should be commended for the job that you do to help other people as well.

My son/wife and my grand-daughter were all evacuated from their home in Romsey and moved to safer grounds, so the worry and concern that you have is only natural, because I was no different and just wished that I could be there to keep their house which they have only owned for just over a year, safe, but I couldn't because no one was allowed into the town.

They have their worldly goods in the house but only took what was more valuable with them, and to protect them, especially little Marcie was my main concern, but now they are home safe and sound.

Your feeling is only one of passion for all those in trouble, and it's your worry to help them, and that's by having such a lovely warm attitude in life.

Please stay safe always. L Geoff. x

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Hi Geoff.

I am so very happy that your family is safe.  That is great news 🙂  I hope that they are doing ok, it can be unsettling to be displaced - even if only for a short while.

Thank you for your reply.  I feel better knowing that my feelings are normal and natural.  It's a load off 🙂 

Thanks again,*hugs*