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Teen travels by foot from Melbourne to Sydney to raise funds for beyondblue

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
No distance is too great to raise money and awareness for depression and anxiety for 18-year-old Alex Cooke, who is making his way by foot from Melbourne to Sydney to raise money for beyondblue.

Alex set off on the hefty 1060km journey from Melbourne’s Federation Square on New Year’s Day. He is running and walking an average 42km a day until he reaches the final stretch near the Sydney Opera House on Australia Day, January 26.

Alex said he has seen a number of his friends affected by depression and anxiety, either because they have experienced these conditions personally or one of their family members has, and he wanted to help beyondblue continue supporting people in this position.

“It’s been heartbreaking to see some of the best people I know struggle with depression,” Alex said. “I feel very strongly about the work of beyondblue in helping people seek treatment and take back control of their lives.”

Alex has been training since October for the journey, spending many hours running the foreshore near his home in Port Melbourne, and says he is up for the challenge. Alex hopes his expedition will help him raise $15,000 for beyondblue.

“It’s been amazing how quickly people have jumped in to support me and beyondblue, and it would be great to reach the target,” he said.

beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell AO said she is thankful to Alex for going to such lengths to support the important work of the organisation.

“It’s inspiring to see a young man willing to pound the pavement for a month to improve the lives of people experiencing depression and anxiety,” she said. “We wish Alex the best of luck for his journey.”

For more information or to donate to beyondblue, visit give.everydayhero.com/au/alex-cooke-australia-day-melbourne-to-sydney-hypermarathon-2014
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I greatly appreciate Alex and BeyondBlue's support & kindness, I have just been given the strength to move on because I know that I am not alone.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Christopher and our CEO Kate Carnell AO, thanks for letting us all know.

I will donate some money, unfortunately it will only be a small amount, but as they say 'every bit counts'.

I would also love to hear back from Alex, and I only mean this in a metaphoric way, as to what actually convinced him to travel this long lonely distance. Geoff.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thanks Chris & Kate for sharing this story of an amazing guy Alex.

He is raising awareness of depression and mental illnesses and taking away that stigma that is attached to it.

I congratulate Alex on taking on this journey (and a hard one too!!!) to raise money for BB.  What a fantastic effort.  I would love to do something like one day for BB so I better start training.

I am going to donate some money.



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Hi Christopher

Thank you so much for passing this news on.  As Geoff said, ‘every bit counts’ and I’ll be doing something similar.  The generosity of others on his Everyday Hero site is incredible;  and what an absolutely brilliant cause that he’s doing this for.

When I’m able to (ie:  when I’m not injured) my 2nd main sporting passion (aside from natural bodybuilding) is ultramarathon running.  So this has spiked my interest big time. 

I don’t have Facebook, so is there any other way I could get in touch with Alex.  I am so interested in his quest.  Which route is he taking, the logistics that he had to go through (ie:  did he need police approval to be able to run on roads?) and just generally how he’s shaping up after he completes, what is actually a marathon a day.

The other burning question I have is:  If someone is interested in running with him for part of one of his daily sections, how could I go about getting in touch with Alex … as I’d love to run by his side.

This is just so awesome to hear … I hope that I can get in touch with this amazing young man.