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Thanks BB Staff.

Community Member

I've been here now a few days and thought I would thank you guys for the great work you do.

Reading all those posts, filtering out my stuff (that's a full time job)

I would like to say on behalf of all, thank you.

(Would you believe it took me at least 2 days to figure what BB Cafe stood for, I was like "I wonder what BB stands for?")

It was a brain teaser for me OKAY, haha 🙂

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Faith 🙂

Thankyou for the wonderful post! Its always a huge treat to get a post like yours!

I joined here after being made redundant in Jan 2016. I had no idea what the regulars meant by BB either...seriously...it took me longer than 2 days.....I just couldnt get a handle on the abbreviations...

I was filtered big time when I first started posting and drove the moderators nuts until I figured out what these forums were really here for.

I used to use the Cafe intially as a 'safe' place as I didnt feel comfortable posting my own thread...

Great to have you here as part of the family Faith

my kindest thoughts for you


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Thank you Steve. I'm sure the moderators also thank you. They do a great job, sometimes under difficult circumstances.

Thanks also for reminding us that abbreviations we take for granted are always so crystal clear for others. I used to have problems with initialese such as ATM, which I thought was machine for getting cash, and IMO. Lots of others that I have to work out as I go along. Texting has brought a whole new dimension to our communication skills and I'm not sure if I like it.


Well White Rose? - What does IMO stand for? because I don't know!! I confess, I am behind the times or getting old or whatever but a lot of the text speak goes right over my head!!

Aren't they all great here Infinite Faith - I love everyone here - I'd like to reply to so many more than I do - but a lot of times I just read and am amazed at the honesty and ability to describe their pain - some I closely identify with, others I would love to reach out and help but don't know exactly what to say.

the BB Forum is so so valuable. A couple of the "celebrities" on I'm a Celeb - Get Me Out of Here..showing now on Channel TEN selected Beyond Blue for their chosen charity if they win! I felt like yelling Yay -Excellent Choice!! Excellent organisation - priceless!!


You are welcome.

If I can jump in here. Moonstruck there are hundreds of text acronyms on the internet. You see a lot also used when using SMS messaging on your phone.

Search the net for "common chat acronyms". Some of the more well known are as follows.

LOL Laugh out loud. (Don't mistake this for "lots of love" especially if someone just lost their pet rabbit)

ATM At the moment.

IMO In my opinion.

IMHO In my humble opinion.

WYSIWYG What you see is what you get.

Bye Bye 🙂


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Thanks Infinite Faith, it's much appreciated. Have been really enjoying your discussions.