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PETS - gotta love them! Share funny, loving stories about pets and animals.

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I thought I would start this thread, about our pets.

I have read in the forums a lot of us has a pet or pets of some kind.

Be it a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinie pig, tortoise, snake, lizard etc: they bring joy to our lives, they are there for us giving us unconditional love.

I thought a it would be nice if we could share our pets antics, or if you've seen other animals, doing things that have made you laugh.

They can be funny, loving, outrageous, anything that your pet does or does not do that puts a smile on your face and might put a smile on someone's face that is struggling.

Please keep the stories light hearted and happy,

We all love our pets, let's let others enjoy them as well..

I will go first to get it up and running.

I have two little dogs, Maltese x Yorkshire x Aussie Terriers, I have Mum (4 years old) and Daughter (2years old).

My dogs have the run of the house, my back screen door after many attempts and lots of failures I put a doggie dog into it. I love theses two they are my fur family.

My story is about another dog I had many years ago, I called him boof he was a Belgium Shepard, I was sitting at my kitchen table one day just looking out my back door (creedance). Boof was just relaxing in the shade with my young son. It was a hot day and I thought I might take my young son into the pool. I was about to go outside when all of a sudden a cat ran across our yard, well Boof just took off after the cat yep my young son took off after Boof, then Boof it looked like his brakes stopped working, he was chasing the cat then I saw him slide (son still chasing him). he couldnt stop, he slid into the swimming pool with such force he bent the tin frame nearly flat to the inside of the pool, well a waterfall began, Boof was on the other side of the pool he crashed straight through it, my son ended up slipping on the water skidded to the other end of the pool, crashing and landing on Boofy scream of laughter was coming from my son, absolutely soaked to the skin covered in mud, Boof was trying to get up, slipping all over the place from the mud as well I think he was seeing stars from his hard hit, he couldn't get up. I couldn't stop laughing at the pair of them. They looked so funny covered in mud, the pool was later repaired. Son and dog was hosed off so it all ended well

Do you have a pet story to tell?

Kind thoughts


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Hello everyone...

Thank you Mekitty,

I love the sound of your little kitty....

I talk to my little fur babies constantly as living alone, sometimes we need to release our thoughts onto someone...I’m sure they understand English a bit...they are so cute and I gets lots of cuddles and wet kisses....They are my companions, friends and saviours....I love them to bits..

Like you living alone I leave my bathroom door open...When I decide to have a bubble bath, my furs stand on their back legs and play with the bubbles in the bathtub, putting their front paws in and eating the bubbles...I put some on their noses...not so the bubbles can go in their noses..just on top..well when I do that, they take off chasing each other and with their wet front paws, go slipping and sliding on my vinyl tile floors...the sound like little elephants...when the bubbles are all gone, they come back for more 😁..

I love listening to the Magpies when the let loose and sing with their harmonies...such a beautiful sound...I feed them left over food that my dogs didn’t eat..they are always at my back door each evening for the scraps...Through the day, they come into my dining room...,and steal the dogs kibble and run back out...They live in the tree behind my house..in an abandoned home..

When they have their babies and the babies are old enough, they bring them to mine for food and I watch them feed the baby birds..but I will admit the babies crying for feeding does get annoying..,all I hear for a few months is baby bird arking constantly..haha ear plug time😁...

My eldest dog....Kya is the mummy of my other dog Ebony...They have such a caring nature towards each other...me and my neighbours dogs....They can’t be separated or they cry for each other...Once I accidentally shut my bedroom door with Ebony inside my room and Kay in the lounge room, I didn’t realise I did that until I got home...Ebony destroyed the carpet in my room near the closed door and Kyla destroyed the other side of my bedroom door trying to get to each other...I couldn’t get upset with them...it was my fault...now I’m more careful before I go out and make sure they are both in the lounge room together before I go out to town...

Pets touch our hearts and souls daily...

Love to all reading/posting here..


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Valued Contributor

Hi Grandy,

These fur babies become more and more adorable as you tell me more and more!

Except while living in the Migrant Hostel, where we could have none, our family always had animals, never just one, I'm sure. Even animals more usually thought of farm animals, though we did not live on a farm. We had most of them while I lived in Ipswich. We had a whole acre (I'm not converting to metric) and had more room. Over the years, for shorter or longer times, we had the Mu & the kangaroo, several dogs. assorted, a handful of cats, a small aviary of birds, finches?I think, four varieties of fish, three generations of goats, one sheep, one black pig, one horse, one cow, one frog, one hawk, who was found by a sib and my father took care of it. It had some substance all over it, making its wings useless. Oh, the chooks, and the geese, which are excellent guard dogs.

I have some good memories associated with them. I expect I will get around to writing about most of them here.


The little Green Tree Frog simply came to stay, beside the aviary. My father coaxed it out onto his hand for us to get a closer look at it. In my memory, the little frog was there for weeks. I could be wrong. Or Dennis got hold of it one day....oh, that cat!

You will hear about him later.

The sheep, McArthur, was with us for some months. He even got sheared once.

One evening, just as my (ex-)step-mother returned home from work, walking in from the front door, McArthur comes in through the back door, pooping little marbles all the way. She was beside herself with disgust and rage. My father laughed, as if it was hilarious. I admit, I thought it was funny, too, not the dirty and appalling disgrace she thought. Not difficult to clean either. The timing of it was so beautiful, just like something written for a comedy sketch, perfectly well-timed. That was what made it so good for me.

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l discovered a funny bird one this morning .

There's a table in the middle of my workshop l use mainly just for cutting stuff at work but atm it's also got cans of paint and other stuff on it. Well , it's had just a bit of dried straws of grass on it this last wk or so just in one spot and l've thought wth where's all this grassy stuff coming from , and it seemed to be growing.

This morning l go into work and there was a def' difference , it was bunched up in one spot and there was double of yesterday. Then l remembered some black birds have been flying in and out of my workshop a lot lately and this morning l realized they've decided to build a nest on my work table.

Pretty funny but sorry guys , l'm gonna be needing that table and l won't be able to work around the wife and kids in the corner of it for the next 3 or 4mths. Had to throw it out. Hope they don't restart it again over night.


Oh, Randomx, do you have to throw it out? Could you find a box which the nest would fit into and move it, ever so gently, into the box and let them stay near by?

When I was little, in USA, we lived where it snowed in Winter, and many birds migrated south. One year, a robin did nt go with them. We kept it safe and warm for a while. I only recall it flying around the room, and one day, it decided to leave. It stayed for a bit longer outside in the tree, then, we suppose, it flew off down south. Better late than never, I suppose.

Ahhh, l'm afraid so mm.

l've bent over backwards for them 5yrs at the place now , they nest in other spots too and also in the house roof all over the place.

lt doesn't get me far sorry to say , just more mess and fire hazards all over the place, or like in this particular instance just a pain in the backside. Anyway back to work today and they haven't started rebuilding haha , yet. They're still building nests so they still have time to start a new one somewhere else.


Stray cat ?

What do you with a stray cat that doesn't go away is there somewhere you can take them?

they all take a shine to my place don't know why but they usually move on in a wk , this one's sticking round and has taken a shine to my porch. Nice little cat but l don't want one atm.


Hi Rx,

Talk to your council about the nuisance cat... most councils can provide cat traps & remove the cat to the local pound... they usually then follow up with the cat's owner.


I phoned a local vet when an adorable kitten turned up at my door. I would have loved to keep her, but I know I could not care for her as she or any pet who depends entirely upon us deserves. It broke my heart though.

At first I thought I must've been mistaken, when I thought I heard a kitten mewing outside. Of-course, I couldn't see any kitten. Closed the door, and a minute later, heard the sound again. Opened to try to hear better. As I was closing the door, she walked in, stepping on my foot. I bent and picked up this tiny black kitten. I could just about fit her in one hand.

Even as I held her, I was falling in love with her. I felt her little body was warm from the sun, and hot with life from inside, she fairly quivered with it. Really, I don't think she was sick or frightened, just alive, more alive than anything I had felt before. I called her Ember.

I didn't know what to do.

I took her into my lounge room and I got out some kangaroo mince, and cut offsmall portion )from frozen) and got it heated. I also placed a little dish of water on the floor for her too.

She was playful and curious and purring, but didn't mew anymore. I wondered if I did keep her, if I would ever know where she was in my flat, unless she made physical contact with me often. And I would want her to wear a fluorescent collar with a bell, (& she can't learn how to move so it didn't ring). I thought how difficult it had become looking after Mekitty.

For a while, I sat, holding her in my hands, & she was so content, I think she was falling asleep.

I was crying, thinking I can't keep her, and phoning the local vet. I first phoned the Vet near, where I used to take Mekitty, and they said they could not come out to me. I found another Vet, and they said they could send someone soon.

So, I tried to take a few photos of her, and we played, and an hour or so later someone came to take her. She commented on how healthy the kitten was, & pretty too.

I phoned them later to ask how the kitten was, if her owner had been found,, and he woman who arrived to take her had decided to take her home, and named her Mary Jane.

I wrote this haiku:


My heart burns to ash
Holding this dark, hot purring
Ember in my hands

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Valued Contributor

Now, about Dennis:
Used to be when there was a man, who rounded up stray cats & dogs. An old lady asked him to obtain a white kitten for her. By the time he did , he had forgotten who she was. He brought a young white cat to us to care for until he remembered.
My father named him Dennis, so we knew he was a temporary guest.
‘Dennis, the Dog Pound Man’, never remembered who the old lady was.
Dennis was his own cat. He roamed, stirred up the chickens and the birds in the aviary. He got out onto the roof late at night. I could hear him go onto the top of the aviary, just to stir the birds up.
He tried to scoop fish from the fish tank. & when his paw got wet, he shook it vigorously, & try again.
He got up on the kitchen bench, trying to steal food scraps for chickens, time & time again. I got angry & said I would throw him in the pool, and unlike others, he would not scratch me. & he didn’t either. He twisted in the air, sprinted across the water! He hid for 3 days, sulking.
He still went after the scraps, but avoided trying when I was near.
One sib sucked his tail with the vacuum cleaner. He just sat there.
He would sit placidly as puppies & kittens roughed him up. He tolerated little kids, too.
He moved for no one.
My father installed a Styrofoam tiled ceiling in the main living room. During a party, during a game of snooker, Dennis fell through the tiles onto the centre of the pool table. Dennis was the most surprised.
He brought us birds, with no physical injuries, but dead all the same, as if he’d played with them, scaring them to death. Awful for us, but he was being a cat.
My father was the only one he responded to. He could call Dennis to come from across the road, & he’d come.
He lived 15+ years, became a big, solid old cat.


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Valued Contributor

I would like to share this poem I wrote in 2018.

___ Keeping Mekitty

__It’s not as if she is just sleeping.
__Her paw is swollen
and will not yield to finger pressures.
__This cannot be my MeKitty;
She does not feel the same.
__All her limbs are stiff and extended,
As if snap-frozen while standing
And the Vet just laid her on her side,
And covered her with a towel.

Reason insists -
it cannot warm her,
so there can be no denial.
Crying, I beg, “Relax, MeKitty, just relax.”
_She cannot hear me,
_cannot respond to me,
_Cannot pull her own paw from my gentle grip.
No, she is not frozen underneath the towel,
Only cool in this air-conditioned room.
She has a tube in her mouth;
She drooled down her chin.
“Here”, I whisper, “let me get that.”
And wipe the wetness from her jaw,
With no resistance from her.
I leave her crate behind.

_And No more purring.
_No twitching ears,
_No tail flicks,
_No wide open yawns,
_No stretches, reaching up or back,
_No arching spine,
_No big girl meows,
_No little kitish mewling
Quietly between us,
While I’m on the loo,
_No more playing fetch with her food,
_No more finding lizards she caught,
_No more soaking up the winter sun,
_No more lying on my feet or between them,
_No more pouncing on them either.
_No more looking for her when she is hiding;
She will be nowhere found,
Until I have her ashes in a sealed bowl,
Which I will keep on the high shelf.

_I Keep photos of her on my computer,
_I Keep her purple collar and bell,
_Keep her cushion as well,
_Keep the water bowl, which she always spilled,
_Keep the toy mouse with the missing tail,
_Keep the scratch post she never used
_And keep the reusable shopping bags,
Which she liked better,
I am keeping accessories I bought for her,
As if I am keeping hold of her,
So I don’t have to let her go.

Oh, and did I feel her in my dream,
Soft, warm and purring at my side?
Another chance to pet her ginger swirls,
Until she has relaxed into sleep.


__ Jamie Fleck / (mmMekitty

I trust everyone to respect this is an original poem, and to not ‘rip it off’. I’d like to put my own name at the bottom, but I am not allowed. So ‘Jamie Fleck’ is a pseudonym I will use.