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Pet Peeves

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Loud opinionated dismissive people

( OK we all have our faults but I don't think this is one of mine )  🙂

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Bosses who expect you to work 100 miles an hour just so you can keep your job

Motorists who become monsters behind the wheel  and road rage tailgaters

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Scotchfinger.  When I read the topic, I initially thought it meant Pet (as in dogs, cats, birds, etc) Peeves.  Now I see that the topic is actually about what pisses us off in life.  

For me 3 of the worst are:

  1. Disrespectful drivers
  2. People who do not say thankyou when done a good deed (such as opening a door for a lady)
  3. Kids out of control in restaurants, supermarkets, etc


running out of scotchfinger biscuits

cruelty to animals is more than a pet peeve, it is an abomination!

at the risk of sounding like a complete wimp, no showers near a beach. I hate coming home in the car without having had a shower.

The sheer volume of ads that come on during an enjoyable show on TV sometimes. I remember enjoying X factor last year and wanting to  see the next act. About 15 commercials later, I got to see the act. I know some people can watch on the Internet the next day but I prefer a TV screen and watching live.

The sheer volume of junk mail that comes through emails these days.


re junk mail, mine gets filtered out now. Possibly because I use Windows 10 maybe? Love this "Edge" browser. So fast!