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one of those nights

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First post!

So just one of those nights and im feeling awful so I decided to make an account here and see whats going on. I was pleasantly browsing with my electric heater on all of a sudden 4 of my bed posts caved in... To clarify I'm only 65kgs so I'm sure this bed was made to withstand my weight. So now I have a new project for tomorrow before work. Need to head to bunnings and pick up some wood to strengthen my bed frame. I knew those cheap plastic moulds wouldnt do the job.

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Community Champion


Well, I've never seen a first post like that:) Most people don't get such an immediate and dramatic reaction just from logging on there. Still yo sound a handy sort of person so I hope fixing it should be ok.

OK, so apart from hte bed you said just one of those nights and im feeling awful. That's something we here would like to hep with, nobody should have to feel that way, and your words seem to me to say it's a regular thing.

It's a bit hard knowing what to say first off because while one can give a general sort of answer the best idea is of course to be specific, and talk about things the can help with what's actually wrong.

On hte general side The Facts menu above has a great deal of information about anxiety, depression and related matters. Causes, symptoms, treatments -what works. Perhaps having a read of that can set the background.

As you started to do browsing around this Forum can be very helpful, seeing how others in similar situations have coped.

I'd like it if you posted again and said a little more, perhaps if you are under any form of treatment, your circumstances, if there is a difficulty in your life making you feel this way at the moment, things like that.


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Hi there....noonetoldmecatswerethisdirty (now to be fair, I copy/pasted that )

Just saying Hi, newbie to newbie 🙂 Definitely heater weather, hey?

Cheers 🙂 ( I hope they figure out some smilies on this site, I love them 🙂 )

Thanks for the reply, went into it a bit more on a post I made tonight past few weeks have been more or less pretty good but now that things are settling down just feels like all this negative emotions are just hitting me again when I start to relax.

As for the bed that may take me a little longer then I expected to fix...

hello there! Have you worked out if there's a way to get notifications when someone replies to your thread? I can see I see it getting difficult to track replies when I have a few threads/comments going


I'm afraid there are no notifications here. All you can do is look at the My Threads Tab and keep on scrolling. Any thread title with fresh content will be in bold.

In fact is is often very hard to find a poster's second thread. Unless I've missed any I guess your main one is at:

Forums/ Treatments, health professionals and therapies/ zzz Better question for my doctor

where you have been receiving answers.

Hope this helps