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Deleting profile

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I was thinking of taking a break from social media including Facebook twitter beyondblue and everything else, just because I see myself spend too much time online and thinking of going underground for a month maybe.

I was thinking of deactivating my beyondblue account but under community rules it's not clear how one can do so if he/she wishes to. Any help grateful. Ta!

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi FallenAngel, there is nothing wrong in having a break, sometimes it does you the world of good, but I hope that you don't deactivate your BB profile, it can sit there in the background, because later on down the track you may decide to come back on, then you won't have to go through the process of making it again.
Have a good rest, but please make sure you look after yourself, and hopefully we will see you once again in the not too distant future. Geoff.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello FA

Having a break is always a good idea so we can regroup and treat ourselves as the special person we really are.

Your input is highly valued and I do hope you can leave your account on hold while having your break. There is no obligation to respond or post. You can always contact Beyond Blue or email to request deactivation which is your prerogative of course

Just my thoughts on Facebook if thats okay. I closed my account there as I found myself checking it everyday and being a site of free speech can also invite people with negative comment unfortunately. Just for me it was a brain drain.

I really hope you can stick around here though as you have written some really good posts to others

My kindest thoughts and have a decent rest 🙂


Dear Geoff,

thanks for your kind words. I'm ok. I don't understand why I'm beginning to lack interest in day to day activities. I was never a social animal anyway but now I come back home from work and switch my phone off immediately. I don't even talk to my brother, doesn't seem to bother him much though.

Hi Paul,

I will definitely leave my account on hold, people on BB are civil and decent compared to Facebook, so no harm here...

i spend too much time on Facebook communicating with people I once used to know, they have all moved on and I don't even know if they still are my friends. I used to be so selective in life but I went through this phase where I started collecting all this garbage on Facebook. I think it's time to cleanup!!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear FallenAngel~

As you've found this is a gentle safe place where you can talk in depth or have fun (thank you for the Only Use Once thread -it a real hit).

It's wise to pace yourself and not go overboard, like many here I don't really trust social media and do not use it a lot.

I hope you don't delete your presence and do come back, you have contributed here and I hope you have gained in return. Some go, some go and return after a week, some after a year, it depends on need and circumstances I guess.

I haven't really had a chance to chat, maybe in the future

Croix (who hopes you enjoy reading as much as I do)

Dear Croix,

One thing about beyondblue is that people here are more understanding and they genuinely care for each other and not just pretend like they do on social media sites.

I'm a member of few other groups on facebook and my goodness people there are so different, it's like instead of helping and supporting each other, they are so busy competing with each other. It's draining and triggers you even more. I guess maybe that's the whole purpose of those groups deep down. They aren't in fact recovery but triggering groups.

I will stay here, in fact I will stay on Facebook too. I will let others delete me.

I would love to chat with you hopefully someday! I can talk day and night about God and Godesses around the world, Egyptian mythology, Astrology, spirituality, hip hop and r&b.

I absolutely love to play Chess ❤️ but often end up playing by myself because either people aren't interested or they don't know how to. My grandfather used to play with when I was quite young 🙂 and recently I have developed love for reading. I used to be out every weekend but then I started feeling really cold so now I mostly stay at home and read or play chess in bed whenever I can drinking merlot 😛 And tonight I'm trying to find a psychologist with experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy and techniques.

Hi there Fallen Angel 🙂

Newbie here. I found your thread interesting. The forum I loved, and felt so at home with, was closed last year.

As a result, I found another forum, but I am not settled there, and I also got onto facebook.

A week or so back, I realised I'm on facebook too much, and find it both triggers and wastes my time.

Your comments make so much sense 🙂

Hey thanks!! And welcome, I'm new here too, joined about a month ago. It's great here. Healthy and wise minds.

I have upset my friends on Facebook and I refuse to go out with them as I hardly see any point in it. I am not well and they don't understand. It's such a loss because I really get on with some of them but I guess if they want to be in my life, they can reach nd if not it's fine too.

Hi Angel, and thanks for the welcome 🙂

I think when people come to these sites, they are battling issues, and this gives everyone an understanding that the general population don't have, or prefer not to show.

I sometimes wonder if there are people who are still covering up, and to "get too close" to someone who is suffering might open up their own vulnerability. Sort of their own self-protection, as it were.

You're right, the people on here (and similar sites) are those wise enough to reach out for support, and in turn offer it as well 😉