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Movies that you enjoy ...

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Hi all

As a result of a little posting between myself and Matty, I've decided to create this thread.  It's something that so many of us could contribute to ... and there's no right or wrong answer or suggestion ... there's no-one judging, but hopefully it will be just a little bit of a distraction for all us (even if for a short time).  And if anyone would like to give a little reason for the movie they suggest, then GO FOR IT.

Also, don't hold back at just one ... so post away and post often.

For starters, I have 3 movies that all begin with the letter S that I really enjoy (although one really begins with the letter T):

Sea Of Love (Al Pacino and the big funny guy, who I can't think of right now)

Sleepers (powerful movie - awful awful what happens in the first half, but the 2nd half is revenge, oh sweet revenge)

The Shawkshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins - love it)

Cheers all



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I like Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movies such as 50 First Dates.

I also like the old horror movies Nightmare on Elm street

I also enjoy true story movies the one that comes to mind is I Know My Name is Steven. While I was watching it I was crying like really crying and the real-estate agent turned up at my door unexpected. She looked so worried for me, it took a little for me to explain as I was trying to calm myself down from all the crying.


I love the Bond films. I put the Sean Connery Bond films on a high pedastool. I just feel they were at such a high level of quality in the 60s that I don't think nothing they do will top them. I love all of the Bond films mind you but I just put Connery on such a high level.

Outside of that I would say my favorite movie is Superman:The Movie. I don't think there has been a movie I have seen as much that has never become boring or a chore to sit through. Christopher Reeve is still the best incarnation of Superman in a live action setting and I don't think anyone will come close to topping his portrayal of the character. 

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thrillers, dramas and fantasy /epic ( Lord of the rings/star wars)

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Blue Voices Member

Sound of Music

Dirty Dancing

Pretty Woman

Mamma  Mia

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Taxi Driver

The Machinist

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-Amelie (uplifting French film)

- Begin Again

- Wild

- Inside Out (hands down, BEST animated film ever in my opinion!!!)

- 500 Days of Summer

- God Help the Girl (quirky, offbeat film)

- Buddies (inspiring story about 3 people with Down Syndrome).

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Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory....ever lasting gog stompers. the Oompa Loompa song.

The 1971 film a classic ... The world is a sadder place with Gene Wilder's passing 😞

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found an old to revive... watched last night - on the basis of sex

it is based on the life and early cases of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

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and recommended by me 🙂

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A nice rom-com and wife thinks it is a slight odd film is

Juliet Naked

You have to read up about it on wiki or similar to find out what it is about.