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Movies that you enjoy ...

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Hi all

As a result of a little posting between myself and Matty, I've decided to create this thread.  It's something that so many of us could contribute to ... and there's no right or wrong answer or suggestion ... there's no-one judging, but hopefully it will be just a little bit of a distraction for all us (even if for a short time).  And if anyone would like to give a little reason for the movie they suggest, then GO FOR IT.

Also, don't hold back at just one ... so post away and post often.

For starters, I have 3 movies that all begin with the letter S that I really enjoy (although one really begins with the letter T):

Sea Of Love (Al Pacino and the big funny guy, who I can't think of right now)

Sleepers (powerful movie - awful awful what happens in the first half, but the 2nd half is revenge, oh sweet revenge)

The Shawkshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins - love it)

Cheers all



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Awesome movie choice Frann. Modern day classic!

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Top Movies

1 - Top Comedy - BEST IN SHOW - About a dog show. The actors improv at least 90% of this movie, and the casting is stellar. Definitely a laugh out loud comedy for me.

2 - Top Sci Fi - Star Wars - I am a devoted fan so I do accept all the movies, even the ones done in 90s and 00s and hopefully the new ones will make up for them. But I will religiously love the original movies forever!

3 - Top Guilty Pleasure Film - Showgirls - And not because of all the flesh but because the acting is so bad its so so so so good, and if you ever want to laugh maniacally...watch this movie, the pool scene is ridiculous.

4  - The truth is I love movies...its more about what movies I am NOT into --- I am not into hardcore slasher movies but love a good thriller and expect a bit of gore now and then. My tastes have changed as well, I am not overly into big budget movies with overly done CGI...I am sure it takes many hours to do all that CGI work but the first Lord of The Rings movies compared to the latest ones, with so much more CGI and a lot less real-action cast i.e. Uruk hai are mostly CGI in latest movies, just ruined it for me!. 

5 - Top Anime Movie - any of the "Bleach" movies - Great anime franchise. Awesome sci fi and sorcery blend. Story line is easy to follow and the plot twists are sublime. 

Thanks for posting this thread!

People might think im nuts but i loved the harry potter movies. I was sad when the last one finished, i just wanted the story to go on and on. 

While watching them i felt i was in that world and i liked it more than this one. If i could have stepped through the screen into hogwarts i would. Pity its all make believe.


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Hello : )

I have found something beautiful and perhaps if may move something inside you too...

Heart Of A Dog by Laurie Anderson.  

You will find the preview - has just been released in New York.  Already I'm spellbound

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( the one I just watched was the official trailer)


 I must tell my mum about this.  She's still crying for her little dog.  Poor mum. Poor Charlotte

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I rather like Beautiful Thing, it is a good old fashioned story of two boys falling in love for the first time. When it came out there were not many stories on the big or little screen that had good endings for kids like me, and it is encouraging how that has changed. 

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Two of my favourite movies are:

Sissi......staring Romy Schneider and an old movie called

It's a wonderful Life........ staring James Stewart, Donna Reed

i love donnie darko . 1. jake is mmm and 2. time-travel.  my 2 favourite subjects



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i want to see


"Whiplash" and "Lucy" both very well made and entertaining!