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Movies that you enjoy ...

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Hi all

As a result of a little posting between myself and Matty, I've decided to create this thread.  It's something that so many of us could contribute to ... and there's no right or wrong answer or suggestion ... there's no-one judging, but hopefully it will be just a little bit of a distraction for all us (even if for a short time).  And if anyone would like to give a little reason for the movie they suggest, then GO FOR IT.

Also, don't hold back at just one ... so post away and post often.

For starters, I have 3 movies that all begin with the letter S that I really enjoy (although one really begins with the letter T):

Sea Of Love (Al Pacino and the big funny guy, who I can't think of right now)

Sleepers (powerful movie - awful awful what happens in the first half, but the 2nd half is revenge, oh sweet revenge)

The Shawkshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins - love it)

Cheers all



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'The Avengers' is definitely the lead movie that results in me sitting there with a goofy, pleased smile on my face.

'Contagion' is fantastic. It's just terrifying in this really abstract yet realistic way. It blows my mind that the CDC let the film makers use their facilities.

My guilty pleasure movie is 'What's Your Number'. I skip through most of it but the good scenes are really entertaining in that horrible but amazing chick-flick kind of way. And the Chris Pratt cameos are priceless because of the role he plays compared to the role his irl wife plays.

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I also watched 'Kelly's heroes', great,  'Dirty Dancing' is another one I love.  'The War Horse', brilliant.  'South Pacific'.  'Grease', my husband used to drool over Olivia.  He likes action, I enjoy thrillers, some horror, although I've found they tend to be pretty much the same thing.  I loved 'The Amityville' movies.  'The Conjuring', one of the best horror flicks I've seen. 

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Oh, I forgot to add to mine. I am a tragic and can't go past watching The Rocky Horror Picture show when it is on! 

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Thanks Indra. I have great memories from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and still difficult to stay still if I hear the time warp.

I watched The Color Purple recently. I loved the book when I was younger and have been wanting to watch the movie again. A beautiful story.

This is a great idea for a thread.


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Blue Voices Member

The shawshank redemption!

Shows that in the end, good/truth does prevail!

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I'm a real softie when it comes to movies. Never watched horror movies, staying away from war or crime movies or anything that is too realistic or too close to me. I do stop watching movies as soon as I get anxious. The same is for anything on TV, like the news, turn off the news...

If I think about the movies I have watched most in my life and take the Top 3:

- Grease - I love singing to Grease
- Dirty Dancing - still love the romance
- Ghost - very personal connection

If I think about movies that I watch on TV now, it is mainly animated movies, that can make me sit still. Loved watching Epic yesterday, but will go for any kids movies - and friends kids love me for that 🙂

Great Movie! Kiwi humour can be a bit twisted and dry at times, but its always meant in good-humour. This movie is a perfect example of the way Kiwis are always taking the ..., ...even of the dead and undead!!! 

Seen it. Love it. Mr Depp and Leo are amazing magic together.

Great Actors. They should do a movie together, all three of them...

Ok Im intrigued. I will look up 1900...sounds fascinating