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Helpful exercise

Community Member

Hi everyone, new to this forum.

I used to use exercise as an outlet / way to stay in a good, positive place. Used to enjoy doing fun runs, normally 10km, with a couple of half marathons thrown in. Also started open water swimming.

haven’t exercised for a while though. Need to get back in to it as I find it really does help me.

what does everyone else do, exercise wise, to stay in a positive place?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Scooter321

Welcome to BeyondBlue online forums. I absolutely agree with you!! Exercise is something really unique.

Even I do exercise but more specifically heavy lifting combined with vegan lifestyle and meditation. So exercise, eating whole foods plant based diet, and meditating daily is what keeps me in positive places!

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G'day. Here's a new one for ya. Juggling. That's what I do.

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A 45 minute dance class, an 16km exercise bike ride, a cardio workout listening to my favourite music, a 10km walk in nature.

Mindful walking? The walking part I do... just starting the mindful part.