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Looking to discuss St Petersburg heritage

Community Member


I am deeply attracted to St Petersburg, the canals, architecture and food draw me in...would love to learn more about this wonderful place while we cannot travel.


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello dear Delectable,

I enjoy virtual walks through different cities, towns, beaches from all over the world...

If you google...YouTube St Petersburg...Virtual walk...you can select a walk you would like to do while your sitting at home...or on your treadmill....

Not sure if I’ve been any help...I’m not at all knowledgeable about cities, villages, canals etc from around the world..hopefully someone will pop in who knows about St.Petersburg..and can chat with you about it..

My kindest and caring thoughts..


Thank you but I have limited internet on my phone and You Tube is a huge data chewer.

I would rather speak to one directly about the place if that’s ok, I find you learn about the true culture through the eyes of a local rather then s visitor.