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Drinking BOOZE because of lockdown stress

Community Member
Hi, I'd like to know how many are doing the same, started drinking alcohol to beat the lockdown blues? Also it is even harder to get appropriate care in this situation , so I'm drinking more and more. Max
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Community Member

Hey Max. Yep. I was doing that for a while during the earlier stages. Just a quick go-to that can be a trap.

I happen to be in a place where the restrictions aren't too bad.

Yeah, I'd just try to explore different avenues for distractions. I use piano, guitar, juggling, mainly as my source of wellness. Cooking is good too. I'm sure lots of people are cooking more frequently now since Covid.

Community Member
I know it seems like a good idea to drink while in lockdown but keep in mind depression will amplify most of the time in that mix.