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Piano playing. Favourite songs?

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Hey everyone. Chris here.

Comment what you enjoy most about piano and the learning tools you use. This is a thread for any musos out there

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Hi Chris. I'm Chris as well. I play piano. I'm self taught piano player.I leant by reading piano chord books.Now there are websites that show piano chords and even piano chords in any key. I use those sites to learn which chords go with which key.

I learnt to press each chord first.After awhile I learnt how to move my fingers with each chord so I play each chord.That was the easiest way for me to learn.I still cant read music but as long as I know the chords I can write music and play music.

Thanks for posting a great topic.

Regards Denv12.

That's cool mate. I typically use YouTube to learn new songs. Do you play much melody with chords?

I use an App on my iPad called Simply Piano that teaches sheet music. Makes for a more fun learning experience. It's well worth looking into. Depending what you're wanting out of your music.

Synthesia is great too.