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Hello to all.

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I'm finding it difficult to write. After my introduction, it all seemed a tad frantic. The hardest part was trying to impress you'll with my knowledge. The depth of my knowledge could easily be exposed. I think my ego jumps out of me when I use these this forum. I mean its possible, and that's not a good thing. I need to be myself. Unfortunately that may require a lot more whinging.

To be honest, I want to become as genuine as I can without. Can I do it? My head is hurting already thinking about the task. Plan B, relax, and be myself.


So yeah, it is hard I find to know what to write about. I suppose just talk about my day will be enough. I don't have to write more than necessary. (See how I CBTed myself as I type haha) (Joke)

Where was I? Oh yeah my day.

It sucked, I have Gastro. Have had it for the last 5 days. I can see why they called it Gastro, probably named after Astroboy. You feel like Gastroboy at times. (To much info) A nurse friend of mine said I should go to hospital because I have been unable to eat. But geez Gastro can be painful. After around day 3 my stomach muscles were so soar. (Bonus is I am loosing weight)

Hope are all well.


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Thankyou for that Starwolf,

Interesting perspective. It did make me feel better, but now I realise I've lost another 'excuse'. It is unlikely I'll ever get motivated cos I DONT WANT TO deal with it all. Helps to understand me/us much better. I often hear others' stories, as well as my own and think 'who wouldn't be depressed'. Surely it is a natural response, and I wouldn't want to be the soulless person who could cope with all this anyway.

Of course it led me to other utube videos on motivation, etc. Tony Robbins- goodness me! I don't know if it'll be a good thing or not. It can only expand my mind, but does it really need it? Hours of fun anyway. Ta


Hi IF,

Hoping you are ok.

Havent seen you post last few days, but I see you've been around.

So many people here know how you feel.

Sending positive thoughts.

Lee x