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Favourite Song Lyrics

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Hi Everyone,

I thought having a thread for people's favourite song lyrics might be a good idea. Here's a few of mine to get things going. Please remember any lyrics will do, short, long, even your own, Enjoy!

"Only humans carry their past around" The Fall

"Let it be" The Beatles

"Who's pushin' the pedals on the season cycle?" XTC

"Between thought and expression lies a lifetime" The Velvet Underground

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Hey TMG,

Great tribute to Prince - Raspberry Beret was always my favourite! Kudos!

Thanks Indra, glad you liked it.

One of my favourite Prince lyrics is,

"Act your age mamma, not your shoe size!" from Kiss.

“I met my love, by the gasworks wall. Dreamed a dream by the old canal”

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“Smash through the blocks that bar your way-ay-ay...

No time for fear, just let it all fall away.”

“You spend your life in a dream that you can’t escape. You live your life in a coma, where you’re never awake.”

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The Power of One...

...begins with believing.

It starts in the heart... then flows through the soul...

...and changes the world.

Imagine how life will be... when we stand in unity.

Each of us holds the key...

...to the Power of One.

'And if I die before I learn to speak; Can money pay for all the days I lived awake but half asleep?'

Willow Jude
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
'The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you' - Dear Prudence, The Beatles