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CHRISTMAS 2016/NEW YEARS Chillout Lounge

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Champion Alumni

Hey Everybody! Christmas is the time of year to enjoy & share with family & friends. Some people will spend this time alone & isolated too!

This is a safe place where people can post and say hello, chat or send wishes to others and have a 'Virtual Christmas/New Years'!

Whether you have plans for Christmas/New Years or having a quiet one you can kick back and just enjoy company of others. Its been a long year. Even if you have never posted on Beyond Blue before you are very welcome to come in and sit around our 'Virtual Christmas Tree' and chat 🙂

Just make sure you leave your snow gear/boots in the foyer. Please leave any reindeer or snow dogs outside if you can 😉 Happy Christmas xo

Santa (aka Paul) Ho Ho! 🙂

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SW thanks my family had a strange custom of if we knew someone was going to be alone for Christmas one of us would invite them over for a meal and time with our family. So at christmas a family of 7 would often jump to 90 or more

Hi Kanga Brumby

Pavlovas are delicious! I am wondering if your Mum made a soft pavlova or a hard, crispy one? Or maybe here was a bit of both.

My Mum always made a crispy pavlova where as my Mother in law makes a very soft one. They are so different!

Mum always made one for Christmas as well with juicy fresh strawberries from the garden and dribbles with passionfruit!

Hey SB,

I have been to the Lobethal lights heaps of times!

They certainly are very pretty!

I enjoy driving around seeing the Christmas lights and decorations at Christmas.

Used to have friends in a retirement place, a lot of the oldies went to town decorating their homes!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Doolhof said:

Hi Kanga Brumby

Pavlovas are delicious!

I was going to wait until December before posting in here, but seeing as you have mentioned pavlova... here are some mini ones (just to sample, if they taste ok we can make a larger one!)


Hi Everyone,

It is excellent to have so much interaction on this thread.

No doubt there will be a lot more over he coming weeks.

I'd just like to let you all know, the Festive Season Struggles thread is available to those who would like extra care, support, understanding and acknowledgement about negative stuff relating to Christmas and New Years.

You will be supported on either thread. If you really need to vent, the Festive Season Struggles is the place to do that!

Cheers all from Mrs. Dools

Doolhof Mum did both couldn't make enough of them. Nona made Christmass puddings for all the rellos and for a few friends

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Thanks Chris, now I'm drooling like a Mastiff all over the keypad !

Hi Christopher,

They do look so delicious!

Last year in a magazine I saw chocolate pavlovas for Christmas!

SS, you are a legend my friend, tipping my hat to you.

Kanga's pav is a legend too - yummy!

When my Mum was still around, our Christmas table would always have a few random older people with no families. I loved her big heart. When well I always invite my friends with no families too.

I am pleased to be part of this thread and looking forward to taking some time out on xmas day to celebrate with you all.

Nawww thanks, LG!

And, right back at ya sweetheart!