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CHRISTMAS 2016/NEW YEARS Chillout Lounge

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Champion Alumni

Hey Everybody! Christmas is the time of year to enjoy & share with family & friends. Some people will spend this time alone & isolated too!

This is a safe place where people can post and say hello, chat or send wishes to others and have a 'Virtual Christmas/New Years'!

Whether you have plans for Christmas/New Years or having a quiet one you can kick back and just enjoy company of others. Its been a long year. Even if you have never posted on Beyond Blue before you are very welcome to come in and sit around our 'Virtual Christmas Tree' and chat 🙂

Just make sure you leave your snow gear/boots in the foyer. Please leave any reindeer or snow dogs outside if you can 😉 Happy Christmas xo

Santa (aka Paul) Ho Ho! 🙂

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Hi Paul and everyone,

I am sure there are many different nationalities that have interesting and beautiful Christmas decorations and traditions.

I've certainly seen some of America's Christmas decorations in movies! Some of the houses look so spectacular!

In Russia, Father Christmas is dressed in blue and has a younger female helper.

Does anyone have special food they enjoy at Christmas?

Cheers all from Mrs. Dools

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Is it fine for me to join in on this thread. As my family has been split up one thing or another. I have always had a pavlova. My mother taught me how every one always came back for more.

@Dosols -- My fav xmas song is Elmo & Patsy - Grandma got run over by a reindeer, but I suspect the funniest are those you hear in the pub...

John Valby - Adult 12 Days of Christmas
Ray Stevens - Nightmare Before Christmas
Joe Diffie - Leroy the Redneck Reindeer
Paul Evans' - Santa's Stuck Up In The Chimney
Ray Stevens - Santa Clause Is Watchin' You


For those who are in Adelaide in December, make a trip to Lobethal to see some of the best holiday lightshows in Oz.

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Hello Santa and his 'little helpers',

I think this post is a wonderful idea, thank you. V.x

Hey Kanga, always a treat to have you around. You have been on here for months! I live with my dog (small horse) and like some people here may be flying solo. Your mums pavlova sounds gorgeous 🙂 Thankyou for being here Kanga 🙂 What are you doing for Christmas?

my kindest


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Paul and everyone

My family will not be with me at Xmas this year. Gonna be the first Xmas without my parents. I am also working on Xmas till 2.30pm. At least I get a free meal with the other staff. My housemates think they will be here for Xmas so at least I have them.

As for new years I don't have plans so far. I am lucky to not be working the NYE or NYD so I may go to watch the fireworks if I can find a good spot.

Thanks for the post idea and I'll probably pop in again

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Hey Santa!

Every year...since I have lived here in OZ, I have an "Orphans Christmas" - Being a Chef, I love to cook...and being here in OZ, with no family...except the dog, at that time of year I also get that...many others are alone as well!

This will be my last year in BrizVegas...so its gonna be a special one...I have organised with a few other organisations that work with people that are experiencing homelessness, and we are going to do something really awesome this year...a big celebration.

But we also get that Christmas is just one day, so part of this is to also bring more awareness for the organisations in Brisbane that help to feed the homeless, as well...every other day of the year!

Im already looking forward to it, and have the menu all sorted!.

Everyone is welcome, and I know that we cant post links but if youre in Briz, look out for a very special orphans Christmas...extra hands and helpers are always welcome.


Hey blond thanks for the welcome back. As my Physical health went south for a bit. No computer or internet, the little kanga's being farmed out. My family is all over the shop. I am feeling relay left out except for here in the sanctuary. I am safe here amongst good friends. Looking forward to santa this year.

KB, you have been missed ! Great to have you back on board. Even better to know you'll be joining us for end of year celebrations.

Mr Esse...what a terrific thing to do ! I hope you will be joined by other kind souls.

I'll be doing the rounds in a dog shelter. Filling in allows dedicated staff to have a well deserved break and spend time with their families... and the dogs don't need to stay locked up and alone for longer hours than usual.

Wi-fi will keep me connected to the human world and BB. Being able to be simultaneously in different places has always been a dream of mine...so it will be a Xmas present to myself.

Thank you StarWolf - Yes, the sleigh bells will be ringing for our Orphans Chrissy this year.

And, bless you too!

You are such a dear and kind soul to volunteer, so that others can be with their family and friends.

MuchLove to you and all the furbabies!