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How can we improve the forums? Your suggestions and comments please

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all, this thread is a running commentary for all members on things for improvements to the forums. This can be anything from how it looks, the categories, to moderation, community rules etc.

While we might not be able to implement everything straightaway, or keep everyone happy all of the time, we'd like to hear about what you think we can do better.

This is not a thread for discussing the moderation or editing of individual posts - if you have questions about this please contact the team offline via email modsupport@beyondblue.org.au

To avoid repeating suggestions already received, below are some results from our last user survey giving an indication of which new features people would like to see on the forums. This survey was answered by 1,597 users:

44% - Email notification when I have a reply on the forum
39% - Access to the forums via an app
27% - Ability to block seeing posts by specific users
25% - Ability to contact users privately
25% - Ability to use emoticons
25% - Ability to follow posts by specific users
24% - Ability to share links
23% - Forum posts visible only to registered users
22% - A profile, viewable by others users, where I can introduce myself
21% - Ability to quickly access all posts by a particular user
15% - Ability to tag users in a conversation
10% - Ability to share images
6% - Ability to share videos
17% - None of these

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Hi quirky.

I have very small hands so that makes it easier. The phone has come at a cost. My eyesight has significantly got worse since i bought phone a few yrs ago. That is seperate to my aquired astigmatism though. I do wear reading glasses but i still get a lot of eye pain. An ipad would realisticly be better for me. A voice to text app sounds interesting.

Cheers lynne

Hi Helium, we really appreciate you reaching out to us to provide some feedback about your experience on the forums and we acknowledge your frustrations around losing content when composing a post. Please know that we do value everyone’s insights about these matters as they will assist us in making continued imporovments to our online community. 

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I found it very hard working out how to post a thread which wasnt good when i needed some support.

Also cant delete threads or comments that i have made.

Maby an notification that you have an reply on your thread

Just a couple of thoughts.

Community Member
Something to magicaly correct spelling mistakes. Boy do i make alot

Hi Helium, ( I've only called you this because that's who you've said ) if you copy and paste this in your browser: correct spelling on windows 10, or there is an addon for spelling mistake.

Let me know if you have any trouble.


I agree with sectorsteve.

It is not about it being a new forum. The website is poorly laid out. Less is more. A simple menu bar at the top of the page would go along way.

Community Member

Hi geoff

You've just spoken a different language to me! Have no idea how to copy and paste, have no clue what windows thing i have on my phone😕

Cheers lynne

Hi Lynne, that's OK, if you type 'correct spelling on windows 10' in your firefox, chrome, google or windows edge search browser, then it will appear.

See how that goes.


Community Member

Hi geoff

I just did what you said and what came up is way to many steps and way to technology daunting for me😕

Thanks for trying to help though☺

Im phone free data free for 7 days. Credit runs out in 1hr.

Cheers lynne

Hi Lynne, the computer can be very daunting and complicated, which I have found out myself many times, but what they say is:

Windows 10 includes a spell checking feature for when you type words anywhere in Windows 10. When autocorrect misspelled words is turned on, it will autocorrect your typed words on the fly if matched with the correct spelling of the word in the dictionary.

So any word that is spelt incorrectly a red line appears under it, then take the cursor over that word and the correct spelling will appear.

Best wishes.