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How can we improve the forums? Your suggestions and comments please

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all, this thread is a running commentary for all members on things for improvements to the forums. This can be anything from how it looks, the categories, to moderation, community rules etc.

While we might not be able to implement everything straightaway, or keep everyone happy all of the time, we'd like to hear about what you think we can do better.


This is not a thread for discussing the moderation or editing of individual posts - if you have questions about this please contact the team offline via email modsupport@beyondblue.org.au


To avoid repeating suggestions already received, below are some results from our last user survey giving an indication of which new features people would like to see on the forums. This survey was answered by 1,597 users:

44% - Email notification when I have a reply on the forum
39% - Access to the forums via an app
27% - Ability to block seeing posts by specific users
25% - Ability to contact users privately
25% - Ability to use emoticons
25% - Ability to follow posts by specific users
24% - Ability to share links
23% - Forum posts visible only to registered users
22% - A profile, viewable by others users, where I can introduce myself
21% - Ability to quickly access all posts by a particular user
15% - Ability to tag users in a conversation
10% - Ability to share images
6% - Ability to share videos
17% - None of these


Update July 2022 - This discussion has now been closed. Please go to the updated version below to share feedback and follow our updates:

How can we improve the Forums?

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Hi nat.

Fantastic point about the life membership badge, thankyou for pointing that out.

Where do i look up about the likes survey thing?

Cheers lynne

Hi paul.

Thanks for explaining. I was thinking if was titles you get if you donate money to bb and the more money the higher title which i didnt like the thought of at all. Still not keen on the like thing it reminds me of youtube likes, I get what you mean though.

Cheers lynne

Hi again Lynne (and it is good to see you posting again Paul 😊),

Took me a bit to find it but the survey thread is here...


It's absolutely ok to not be sure about what different titles mean (I know I'm still learning and I've been around here for a few years!). If it helps there is a thread that explains the meanings of different badges in the welcome/orientation section of the forums. This section has lots of threads that helped me find my feet here.

Nat 😊


I really like your questions as they help others reading who were wondering the same thing.

I have an enquiring mind too and I often ask questions to get different views or to find something out.

What I like about the forums is I get an opportunity to read and understand a whole range of views from different people in a supportive atmopshere.

I think there is a thread that describes all the symbols , maybe Paul or.Croix May know a link to that.

Thanks !ynne for your questions, I appreviate them.


Thanks nat and quirky.

I read the thread and understand the titles now that its a volunteer job which is cool. Absolutely nothing to do with titles for money donations which i assumed it was in beginning.

Cheers lynne

Cheers lynne


Here is a link to what all the badges mean in case you ever need to refer to it.




Community Member


Please move the writing box well away from the post, cancel and page arrow button cause there way to close together. It is way too easy to accidently delete what youv'e written before posting.

Cheers lynne


I don't even know what the page arrow button is or where it is. So you know more than I do!


Hi quirky.

Maybe it comes up different on different brand phones or laptops ect. I have samsung galaxy and its directly below post this reply. It only shows on the threads that have more than one page. I was so touched with all your beautiful replies from my last post i spent sooo long on on a reply nearly 2 hrs. Not writing 2hrs hours straight, majority of the time thinking. I was nearly finished and my finger accidently touched the arrow and i was madly pressing the back button saying nonononononononnononono!

As anyone with a smart phone know it takes just the lightest touch not like using a proper keyboard. I will write another reply 2night.


You deserve a medal, I find it hard to text on a phone!!

I use my ipad and look at all my typos. I am trying to get a voice to text app going.