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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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Hi Everyone and thankyou for contributing to Annabays thread topic! You are helping people know they are not alone where anxiety symptoms are concerned

Hey dadsgripe.....Good on you for mentioning the heart palpitations....(skipped heart beat feeling) You are proactive with your health by having your doc involved! Adrenaline flow (even through low level stress) can cause heart palpitations...This is very common to experience....I have had these since 1983 and understand you!

Hey Mactedbelmax...qfskies18....Baljeet...summer girl....Yellow Hope...and jemma09 for your helpful input πŸ™‚

Happy Friday everyone!...(my own anxiety symptoms are listed in the first couple of pages of this thread)


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I did not know I had anxiety

i have had muscles twitching and thought I had a serious disease, also pain in my tummy

each time I think I have a serious illness and it just fuels the anxious thoughts, it’s like being stuck in a maze and I can’t find my way out

its tiring and I felt it was only me

If you have any good resources for the acceptance approach I would appreciate it

Hey guys I right this sick have muscle pain in my hands and legs as well as tingling in in face and hands. I normally no my anxiety is coming on my GERD flare s up but this is first time with muscle pains is this normal?

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I have health anxiety, so my anxiety will often take form from a physical ailment, such as chest pain or just not feeling well. Usually I'll have a panic attack and rest for a little while. I also think philosophical a lot, too. However, just because I have it doesn't mean it is the same for you. Anxiety is such a broad topic that it's impossible to pinpoint it to one occurrence.

Hi Everyone and thankyou for contributing to Annabays helpful thread topic!

Hey Nett01....great to have you as part of the forum family! Using 'acceptance' can take some time yet just for myself the best reference I have found is..'Self Help for your nerves' by Doctor Claire Weekes...Yes the title is somewhat dated yet this small paperback has been a huge help for my own anxiety symptoms...Its written in plain english without any jargon....Its about $15-00 and is still an excellent self help book

Hey Greeny570 and welcome! Yes....anxiety can represent in so many ways...including our muscles too

Hey Girlinda...Welcome to the forums and thankyou for your post! Health anxiety is very common...My anxiety symptoms are posted early in this thread if anyone wants to have look πŸ™‚

Girlinda mentioned 'Anxiety is such a broad topic that it's impossible to pinpoint it to one occurrence' ...Good1

I hope today has been good to everyone

my kind thoughts


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Hey all,

im completely triggered tonight. Had an appointment with psychologist this arvo & it was one of those sessions where the topic of conversation was hugely uncomfortable & I ended up in tears in the session. Now I’m just emotionally drained & have a headache.

i know this will happen sometimes but it makes me feel down in the dumps 😒

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The most prominent physical symptoms of my are feeling like I am going to throw up, choking, and when I peak a feeling like I am high on psychedelics and having a bad trip.

Hi Everyone and Thankyou for being a part of the discussion

Hey TheBigBlue.....you have done really well with your counselling session...seriously. You have done seriously well by having the strength to cry in your session...I wasted 13 years of my life by holding back the tears

I understand that you felt awful doing so at the time...like myself...Crying in front of our counsellor/GP is a sign of strength and recovery. We do feel drained afterwards for day or so...I remember feeling the same after crying

Great work BigBlue

my kind thoughts......Paul

Hi Bulus Shabbaz

Thankyou for being a part of the forum family!

Our digestive system is the most sympathetic to anxiety for sure.....queazy....nausea..bloating ...loose stools

You mentioned ''a feeling like I am high on psychedelics and having a bad trip"' Im not sure what you meant yet you are always welcome to explain and help us understand no worries!