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Weaning off Medication

Community Member
Hey guys, I have now been off my medication for about a month I was on this medication, my dr won’t listen to me about how I feel and I’ve recently connected with a herbalist who is saying what I’ve been saying from the start, I have serotonin syndrome and too much histamine in my body, just this afternoon a panic attack has come on and is making me feel a lot worse, I have vitamins coming from the herbalist to help reduce the chemical imbalance, I’m just struggling with just reminding myself I’ll be okay cause of the almost blacking out feeling and increased heart rate, my dr is trying to put me on other medication but I just don’t want to be medicated, has anyone else experienced this?
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Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Caite,


I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell and that your doctor is not listening to you. I’m not a medical professional, so I cannot give you any medical advice or diagnosis. But I feel that simply avoiding to have any medication maybe not a good idea, you might need necessary and proper treatment that fits you.


If you don't trust your current doctor, do you want to change to another doctor who's listening and wanting to involve you in decision-making? You can continue to take vitamins given by your herbalist at the same time.


Hope everything will be better.


Thanks Mark, yeah I’m trying these vitamins and detox for about a fortnight before I decide go back to medication, it’s starting to affect my day to day life, thank you 😊 

Community Champion
Community Champion

H Caite, 

I am not a health professional either so I can't provide any medical advice however, I am just wondering, in your case is it worth getting a second opinion? I think if you are concerned about your doctor putting you on other medication it's definitely worth seeing if another gp agrees with this choice. 

yeah I definitely am looking into another GP, the Herbalist seems to be the only one who gets it along side my therapist, thank you 😊