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The War and Ukraine … Strategies that can help

Community Champion
Community Champion

I have seen and heard so much that is going on with the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦

My heart goes out to each and every one in Ukraine.

Our minds can begin to spiral in a negative way which is sometimes fuelled by anxiety in regards to the war.

When our thoughts begin to spiral…we can:

Just allow the thoughts to be there and then allow them to float away when they come back still allow them to be there and float away….. try not to give them your attention.

What we give attention to we give power to.

When we have the thoughts we can put our attention on something positive in the present moment and not what’s going inside our minds.

Focus on your breath, use your breath as an anchor this will help ground you.

If we want to do something positive for Ukraine we can pray for them and direct our positive energy towards Ukraine in their time of need to help lift them.

I believe that Ukraine are strong and very resilient people who would do anything to protect their country.

Hold high hopes for Ukraine we are with you .💪❤️

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Petal Thanks for your comments and understanding my post.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”

I think this is so important and I am witnessing individuals and countries rushing to Ukraines aid.

Hi Petal...excuse I for hijacking your thread....again!

Hey Quirky...no worries at all and Petals thread topic is specific where Ukraine is concerned. Im sorry you misunderstood my post..You mentioned 'we need to speak up against any atrocities wherever they are occurring and not just where there is media attention' You are spot on Quirky and you have a super caring focus as always

I totally agree that all global atrocities are vile Quirky for sure. It is only my humble opinion that we cant generalise about the conflict in Ukraine just because there is 'media attention' as you mentioned

The Beyond Blue forums are national where participation is concerned. Yet there are a small group of people I know in Ukraine that are reading our forums and this particular thread topic...as we speak

Thankyou Petal for your respectful thread topic and to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for his kindness


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Hi, i am just so scared all the time of nuclear war and ww3 which everyone keeps threatening. Had to come home from work as i was so anxious. HATE HATE HATE this world at the moment.

Hey Bookgirl,

We're sorry to hear you're feeling this way. It's really good you could share this here though. hopefully Petal22's ideas of using a breathing technique, or distracting yourself are helpful. 

If you'd like to talk it through with our counsellors on the phone, we're here. 

Kind regards, 

Sophie M

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Bookgirl,

I'm sorry you are feeling this way I understand it is hard and confronting.

We can't control what is happening but we can control how we react to it, when you hear people talking about this just try to keep your breathing slow, really concentrate on controlling your breath because if you can do this your anxiety can't escolate........ try to keep your attention on your breath.

Or try to put your attention on something more positive in the present moment.

Please try not to feed the thoughts with your attention, try really hard to focus on something else like if your driving your car what can you notice about the road? What can you hear? What can you feel? What can you taste

By practicing this you will learn to be able to catch yourself when you are beginning to think about negative things and then you will get quicker at re directing your attention. ( It takes practice).

Please chat to us any time

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I saw my Dr today and even he says he worries about what is going on. Then I have another friend and my husband who can still be positive in the face of all this bad news. I emailed my cousin in uk and he seems so blaise about it all. Sometimes I can't get off the news blog waiting to see if something horrific has happened. My husband gets frustrated because he tells me not to look at all. I just feel so helpless about it all. I want to protect my son and there is basically nothing I can do if the worst happens. I try and meditate and everything but it's always at the back of my mind. I don't know what else to do to cope except take my medication.


petal and Sophie have given you many helpful suggestions.
I too sorry about what might happen but as Petsl says we can’t control that but we can acknowledge our thoughts and work out what we can do.
For me I donated to a charity thst help children in Ukraine. This is only small but it is something I can do.
Also I am trying to be peaceful and avoid conflict. If people disagree with me I let it go.

Keep writing here if that helps as you are not alone.

There is a thread here that asks us to write 3 things we are grateful for each day. I find it helps me to focus on what I am grateful for.
You are sensitive and care a lot and they are great qualities.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Bookgirl, I know people say 'don't watch the news', but we are drawn towards it, that's the curiosity we all have, wanting to see what's actually happening around the world and our only source of finding out, because word and mouth can become distorted.

The information we receive is to make news and draw our attention to that particular station, but no one actually knows what the future holds and once we start 'assuming' can lead us down the wrong road.

Whatever is said we can never know what the outcome may be, as there are many other countries, especially in Nato, are talking about the 'what if', which none of us know about, just yet.

Best wishes.


Hello Bookgirl

Its good to see you again despite these difficult circumstances. I understand your pain and anguish with the conflict in Ukraine. If memory serves we have chatted before about global issues before re south east Asia

As Petal mentioned above...we dont have any control over the war in Ukraine. The breathing exercises are always helpful when done correctly, yet talking about our feelings (as you have been doing!) is a super helpful technique so we can find some balance in our lives

Im sorry that your husband tells you not to look at the news. I am probably like yourself and have a humanitarian interest in the news.....with limitations of course when we find the issues overwhelming. Geoff has posted some excellent points re the news in his post above

Everyone has their own way in dealing with global conflict...just for myself I spend time in my garden to find some peace of mind without any news 🙂

you are not alone Bookgirl...we understand how you feel

my kind thoughts


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Bookgirl,

I understand its hard.

Please try to remind yourself that we can’t control what is happening in Ukraine we can only control how we react to it …. “That’s where our power is”.

When you find yourself worrying about Ukraine try to put your attention on something else, even if you change the room your in or go outside and focus on something like a flower.. really study the flower how does it smell? How does it feel? What does it really look like? Study it…….

Practice slowing down your breathing.

It’s great that you meditate.

Keep practicing

Your not alone and we here for you.