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The War and Ukraine … Strategies that can help

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

I have seen and heard so much that is going on with the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦

My heart goes out to each and every one in Ukraine.

Our minds can begin to spiral in a negative way which is sometimes fuelled by anxiety in regards to the war.

When our thoughts begin to spiral…we can:

Just allow the thoughts to be there and then allow them to float away when they come back still allow them to be there and float away….. try not to give them your attention.

What we give attention to we give power to.

When we have the thoughts we can put our attention on something positive in the present moment and not what’s going inside our minds.

Focus on your breath, use your breath as an anchor this will help ground you.

If we want to do something positive for Ukraine we can pray for them and direct our positive energy towards Ukraine in their time of need to help lift them.

I believe that Ukraine are strong and very resilient people who would do anything to protect their country.

Hold high hopes for Ukraine we are with you .💪❤️

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Hi Fred.

Something which has been working for me is to devote only a very small time of the day to updates and avoid looking any further for the rest of the day. If you do this enough it may break down the urge itself.

I certainly can relate to that 'brooding about it will help' kind of mentality. We know full well it won't but we feel the urge to do so. I think this in some ways is the mind's way of trying to find an outlet for the great desire to help when one can't do much directly. Don't forget though, there ARE things you can do, through things like aid and charity organisations and the like. It might not seem like much, but participation in these things certainly CAN make a difference.

My most heartfelt wishes go to you and to all the people of Ukraine and Russia at this trying time.


Hi fred4761,

I think Sophie M has really given some great advice.

I also believe that self care is needed for ourselves in times like these…. when you feel like you are being consumed by what is happening in the world try to take a step back for yourself and take some time for self care…. Try to do something nice for yourself.

I understand with OCD that things like the Ukraine crisis can become very stressful…. I understand I also suffered with this condition.

Meditation taught me a lot for dealing with this condition…. It taught me that I’m not my thoughts but the watcher of my thoughts…..maybe you could try some meditation.. a guided one for learning to watch your thoughts. ( it takes practice)..

Try not to try to work out why you feel the need to know everything about the invasion, ( I also found while I was going through OCD I always felt like I had to work out and analyse what I did)……. It was part of the OCD cycle I was in which was exhausting.

Instead of feeling like you need to work these things out try to let go of that and instead focus on something positive in the present moment….

I also use to have the need for control until I came to the realisation that I can’t control anything that is happening I can only control the way I react to it.

I understand it’s hard sometimes to think we live such a beautiful life and there is suffering in other parts of the world…..

I’ve found that if I practice gratefulness every day then I can have a happy appreciating feeling for what I have………… for the people who are less fortunate I try to stay positive for them and pray that something good will come their way……

In Ukraine I try to focus my attention on the positive things that I hear from their president, the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their country….. they are not to be underrated because they are strong, resilient and full of fighting spirit and a human force like that are very admirable. 💪 very soulful people

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Fred, in times like these if you have OCD then many other obsessions/compulsions can also begin, I'm sorry.


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Thank you so much everyone for your reponses. I logged in today hoping to read a reply or two, and feel really blessed to have had so many helpful replies.

I definitely have tried to be a bit more gentle on myself as far as my criticism and judgement goes. It is helpful to read that I am not alone with my 'brooding about an issue will help it' thinking pattern that I have found myself in lately. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in my thinking and fool myself into believing I am the only person with this particular problem!

Petal, I really appreciate the tip about not getting stuck in trying to figure out why I am thinking these particular thoughts. It hadn't even occured to me that this had become part of the OCD thought cycle that I find myself in at the moment. I guess that there is a part of me that somehow believes that if I can figure out every single thing then perhaps I can fix or change it. Probably goes in with the idea that I need to plan things out to every last detail and make lots of lists so that I can be prepared to deal with any possible outcome.

When I think about my battle with OCD, Anxiety and Depresssion, I just feel so exhausted from the previous two years. I think that my levels of resiliency have been very depleted.

Hi fred4761,

Glad our responses where helpful for you.

Your certainly not alone. 😊

Thats ok, I’m happy to help you with plenty of OCD tips……. I have many..

I was very blessed to do a therapy for my OCD it was an intervention into the OCD this therapy gave me all the tools I needed to master my OCD…… you can learn all of the things that keep you in your OCD cycle and then learn how to disengage from it….

Have you ever tried any therapy for your OCD?

I also use to make lots of lists and plan every thing out to the last detail………… I learned through my therapy that I did this because I wanted “ certainty “.

Through therapy I learned that nothing in life is 100 percent certain and I’ve learned to be ok with that.

I no longer feel the need to make lists and plan things out….. because I just think what ever happens happens I can’t control the outcome.

I understand how exhausting OCD is it’s very time consuming… I’m sorry you are feeling this way but you really can get better and it can be managed.

Im here if you have any questions or want to chat

On The Road
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Hi, great to see you all talking about this, sorry to hear that many people are struggling with this mentally, I'm also one of you.... even tho we live far far away from the epicentre of the war

The whole thing has triggered me and I don't know why, I was feeling being threatened when I was reading the titles of news.... then I read through the articles....angry, sad, fearful, and even strangely motivated when I heard the brave people fighting back.... all feelings mixed

Now I'm trying to limit myself from reading the news, my worries and anxiety won't help the event at all. I've already turned off every newsfeed from my phone...

Hi On The Road,

Im sorry to hear that the war is also affecting you… I understand it can be triggering.

I’ve read some up lifting articles on the people of Ukraine they really are very resilient strong people.

I read of one couple who are in Ukraine defending their country and they married on the defence line in Kyiv.

The bride in the article said “ I’m happy we are alive, that this day has started, that my husband is alive, and he is with me.

Another article worlds oldest tennis player 97, staying in Ukraine and “ not afraid of anyone .“

The Ukraine President has such empowering words that are getting the worlds attention….. he is “ lifting” his people….. such power.

Such empowering words can bring belief into one’s soul.


Petal22 - What a beautiful post and thank you for starting this conversation!

I've been struggling with Ukraine. I don't have friends or family there, but I seem to go from detached and dissociated to feeling hopeless and frustrated and sad. It's not normal for us to see dead bodies on tv, and the imagery is horrific and I'm not sure how to sit with that.

If I change the channel and focus on Australia instead the tv talks about the floods and people losing everything.

Is there anyone that's somehow found a balance? I'm not in a position to donate (and too far away to help out on the ground) so I think I'm feeling a bit helpless.


Hi romantic thi3f,

Thank you 😊

Im sorry that you have been struggling with Ukraine I understand it’s hard to see all of the footage on tv it’s heartbreaking…

It can really open one’s eyes to see how blessed we are and the life that we get to live……

I sometimes think to myself how tired I am …just from day to day things … but then I think of the people in Ukraine fighting for their country and they may have not slept for days…… I then think twice before I utter these words.

Ukraine can teach the world a lot …….. we can look at them as leaders…… leaders that really show resilience and heart. ❤️💪 we can hold hope for Ukraine…. hope that they win their independence and hope that this war will end very soon.

If the footage is too much in regards to Ukraine and the floods it’s ok to take a step back and put your attention on something more positive in the present moment.

Lets hold HOPE…. hope that people who are suffering in parts of the world find peace soon and that the sun shines on them again soon ❤️🙏

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What I am doing - there are so many choirs on Utube that are performing the Ukraine national anthem, and it's such a beautiful song - I listen and leave a message from Australia to support them.. it's wonderful to feel the choirs are doing this and I am sure it's nice for the choirs to know people are listening and supporting them - and I get to read messages from people all over the world who are horrified at what is happening. It's not much, but it makes me feel like at least I am showing a tiny bit of support...