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Still nervous

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Hi all. Why am I always nervous about my job? It’s like I’m anxious but I’m not. Like I’m not worried about making errors I just think about the processes I need to do. Even on my days off I’m nervous about it.

I wake up hours before I need to and can’t get back to sleep. That’s when the nervous feelings kick in and lasts most of the day. Normally goes away at night but starts up again the next morning.

Only symptom is this nervous feeling in my tummy. And when it’s really bad I have no appetite. It’s very uncomfortable.

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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Community Member

Hey mate, good on you for reaching out! Work related anxiety can be very normal but it's important to address that it's effecting you to that degree. Is your job a new job? It's also good to get an outside perspective on what you might be having feelings of anxiety about, this could be having a chat to a loved one or even a work manager or colleague. May I ask what type of job it is? You could also be unconsciously feeling anxious about other aspects of work and life and going to work brings it all back up.   

I started a new job 8 months ago and 1 month later the neovous feeling came rushing in. So now I went back to my old job (drafter) a week ago and it’s still lingering. All I know is my current place of work, which I left 8 months ago, I was fine but now I’m not if that makes sense.


As I mentioned, it’s just a feeling of nervousness in my tummy, like butterflies, an adrenaline surge, which can last all day. 

It’s Sunday and been nervous all weekend, even though I’m NOT working. What gives? This is a joke! I can’t seem shake it no matter what I do.  I’m very frustrated. The thoughts are right in the back of my mind so not too intrusive but enough to make me feel the way I do. Oh and my job is a technical drafter. I haven’t been doing anything wrong, my boss is happy with me so yea I dunno what to do. As I said it’s just butterflies in the stomach. No racing heart or palpitations. No appetite.