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Post Covid readaption anxiety

Community Member

Hi all being an introvert, I struggle mentally to readapt. My productivity was at its best during the covid period but now, I really struggle with crowd and in person distractions at work.  Most of the time, I just want people to leave me alone as I just want to get the job done and go home! Not sure if there are others out there who feels the same?  

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Dear ThomasJakeLim,

Yes, I completely understand where you are coming from. I like working on my own and find I am easily distracted by others. Some people are people focussed and some are task focussed. You and me are the latter, I feel. If someone talks to me when I'm working, I continue to work, often not even making eye contact. Others think that this is very rude but that's not what I intend.

So TJL, are you able to find a work from home job or can you explain to your work colleagues how it is for you? You seem to so very hard working that you must be a valued employee.

Please keep posting on this forum to let us know how you are doing. Other introverts like us may join in and give us some advice. Also, I have found writing useful to clarify my thoughts.

I wish I could be of more support and hope this helps a bit.

Warmest regards,



Community Member

Hey Thomas,

I’m 20 and I totally feel the same way. I went through some of the most developmentally important years of my life isolated from everyone and we can’t expect that to not have an impact. Going from seeing no one or hardly anyone for two/three years to having to migrate back into work and daily life is insanely difficult. I completely forgot how to socialise and talking to people can become tiring so quickly. So no, you’re not the only one! And it is more common than you think 🙂 I hope you are doing ok!

Hi Rich


  • Thanks for your sharing thoughts and time to help. It is good to know I am not alone. It is hard for introvert to thrive in a world that calls out for extrovert personalities. Just got to find a career that that does not conflict with my personality.

Hi Stell


Thanks so much for sharing. I am glad I am not alone.  Least I now truly know the environment that brings out the best in me.