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Afraid of hot weather and summer

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I panic during hot weather because I experience anxiety symptoms and then my overthinking and panic makes my anxiety even worse. I have a fear of fainting, vomiting and dizziness. So hot weather is the worst. It's also really hard for me to go to sleep and stay asleep.


Are there any tips for anxiety during hot weather or summer? Please.

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Hey Alel,

I totally get this too. Since I started taking medication for anxiety it has only gotten worse. 
although I have limited experience, here are some things that I do:

- always keep a cold drink with me (like a thermos of ice cold water)

- anti nausea medications from the pharmacy 

- don’t put as many sheets on your bed

- this is a weird one, but laying on tiles floors if you get the chance

- always stock up on Icey poles 


these aren’t super helpful but i thought it would be helpful to know that you are not the only one. 
S x


Hello Alel,

Definitely incorporate stell_a178's suggestions as they're for sure some good ways to keep your body cool. I'm not a fan of summer, my anxiety makes me sweat already and adding intense heat to the mix isn't going to be a good time. Hot weather is super anxiety triggering. I just want to breathe!!!! You definitely aren't alone.


Summer bedding will help keep you cool, and if you still struggle and it's really bad you could go see your GP as well. Not being able to sleep is the worst and anxiety inducing, so they may be able to offer you some quality of life. Worth a shot if the heat keeps you up!


It's really unlikely that you'll faint if you're panicking as well since our bodies are programed in a way to keep us awake in case we're in danger, stay hydrated and I'm certain you'll never faint and I don't think you have to worry about throwing up either.


Hope this was of some reassurance. We will prevail!