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Anxious about going back to work- copping a big whack from people there

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Hey folks


Yeah look just anxious about going back to work, all just based on the fact couldn't catch up with someone yesterday. Just cos of medication side effects like really what else does that have to say, to mean its not personal to this person? I dont get it and now it will spiral and become a big thing- where I'm the perpetrator, and they're the victim. As is always the case with me, even when looking to avoid confrontation to the point of avoiding emotions aha. Which to get back on the point of this section of the forums- does cause anxiety

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Guest 1282


Welcome and thankyou for being a part of the Beyond Blue forums. Im sorry for the delay in you receiving a reply. I hear you loud and clear no worries. 

Ive had anxiety disorder for a long time and understand what you are going through. Going back to work can be difficult especially when people are making it difficult for you.


If its okay can I ask how your anxiety is at the moment?


The forums are a rock solid safe and non-judgmental place for you and everyone to post 


my kindest always




Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Guest_1282


Human nature is definitely an interesting thing, that's for sure. I've found, through experience, I can tell the truth (such as 'Sorry I couldn't catch up, as I was having a bad day') and watch the truth run its course through a variety of human natures. The truth will run it's course through the people who prefer fascinating gossip and high emotion because they thrive on it. It'll pass amongst people who recognise the truth when they hear and feel it. It'll pass through people who might even relate to it, with them saying 'Tough days are definitely bad, hey. I can relate'. The truth can also run through a group of people who just don't like to listen to good reason, the kind of people who like to say 'No excuses'. Such people can lack compassion and an open mind. Once the truth runs its course, it will have come into contact with a variety of people. One way I've come to see things is...I'll put the truth out there and simply observe how different people react to it. You could say it's an exercise in observing human nature. I'm a gal who finds the easiest people to relate to are the ones who can sense the truth when they hear it. Such people often have the greatest level of compassion and are typically open minded and non judgemental.


Far easier said than done at times but I find it much easier to emotionally detach at times, from feeling other people's judgement, when I go into 'observer mode'. I'll throw something out there and observe what people do with it. Btw, if you want something to get around a group of people as fast as possible (such as the truth), tell it to the person who's nature it is to spread it like wildfire. If you want everyone to know it, don't tell it to the person who's nature it is to keep it a secret. Those 'wildfire' kinds of people can be handy in some cases.


Of course, sometimes it's enough to simply and confidently know the truth and keep it to our self. Whatever works. 🙂

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi there,


I am sorry you are experiencing some anxiety about going to work. As Paul said, the forums are a safe space for you to post on. 


For me, anxiety is usually triggered by something, and then spirals, as you say. Once I can identify the trigger and understand why I am experiencing anxiety, I can usually think about how to get myself out of it. However, I only learned how to do this with the help of a psychologist. Are you seeing anyone about your anxiety (e.g., a doctor, psychologist, or mental health professional)?


Jaz xx