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Not dealing very well..

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ok so i have been suffering with anxiety for the past 7 or 8 years i have been abale to pull myself out of it every time i go through this only this time its different i am on anti anxiety meds and there just not working i have been back to see my doctor about this but he just says give it time! i have started a new job and my anxiety is killing me to the point where i want to call in sick everyday but i push myself to go cause i need this job i really am not coping at the moment and i am lost i dont know how to get past this i am seeing a shrink and they give me breathing excersizes witch arnt working any more if anyone could offer some advice on how to handle my anxiety a little bit better that would be great... thanks 🙂

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Jim,

Tricky one mate, you're doing all the usual good advice stuff like GP and Psych and meds and breathing.  I know when I started on meds it took about four weeks to get back to normal, (because the first month I felt like crap, even worse than I had ever felt even at the depths of anxiety), and then probably another four before I actually started feeling better.  Eight weeks!  Even then I still have bouts of "the drugs don't work they just make you worse" every now and then.

So, basically I've got nothing to tell you!  Except of course that I read your story and thought that at the very least I'd give you a "g'day" and a "me too" and let you know that I had actually read your story.  

You didn't mention talking.  Do you have mates you can talk to?  Does your shrink actually listen to your story, or just give you things to do when you leave the office?  It's always good to have a decent chat with someone, especially if you can be open and honest about how you feel, and about how you don't feel.  (Nah mate, actually I'm not okay at all...)

You're not alone Jim, but sadly telling you that is the best I can offer right now.  I hope the drugs do kick in soon, and the new job settles down.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Jim. Sorry to hear things aren't the best for you at the moment. I heard it's a bit of a 'luck of the draw' scenario with the meds - they kick in sooner for some and later for others. Maybe if they still aren't working after a reasonable period of time (8 weeks?) ask the GP to try you on something else?

Regarding the work situation ... as a fellow anxiety sufferer, I find it often hits the hardest when you change jobs. With a new job comes new responsibilities and different expectations, maybe different working hours, workmates, etc. It's definitely an adjustment, and often it can take a few months to settle in. Once you're settled (and providing the workplace isn't a major source of stress), work can be very useful for distracting your mind from everything else which barges in uninvited.

Hang in there mate.