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That Impending doom just lingers

Community Member
Hi BBr's Anyone ever had that feeling of impending doom?, what next?, what is around the corner now that will happen (bad) of course. Id say for a good 5yrs now I've felt that, for various reasons, something always or i interpret to be negative will happen. Will i get something bad in the Mail?, Will i get bad news?, will this news be something i can recover from?. Will it be so bad that it taints me for another 5yrs..sorry if its a bit cryptic its just the best way i know how to explain it thanks TC
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Heya Scotty,

Doom eh?  Welcome to "Generalized Anxiety Disorder", bwahahaha.

I've not had the "doom" for a while, but certainly when I explain to people that I experience Anxiety rather than Depression my simple explanation is "I'm not sad, I'm scared."  What am I scared of?  Abso-bloody-lutely everything!

But I've actually got nothing to be scared of.  Impending exams or credit cards or operations, yeah sure, get worried.  But feeling blackness descending for no apparent reason and nothing actually around the corner?  GAD.

Don't take my word for it, I'm not a doctor, I'm just a bloke with GAD, but your story rings the "me too" bells.


Community Member

Oh boy that sounds like me.  I think oh things have been going 'ok' something bad is going to happen soon.  Even my psychologist said nothing stays the same and you just have to prepare for it.  Well I don't want to prepare for it.  Why can't it stay the same!  I wasn't impressed with this Information from her, just made me even more anxious. It's not smarter of maybe but WHEN will it happen.  Oh sorry can't live like that just scares the crap out of me.  No control.  So then I get depressed wondering how long I have before something bad is going to happen and how am I going to cope.  One continual thought is my parents dying sometime in the near future, now that is a guarantee in life right?  The older they get the bigger odds.  I've just lost my sister very unexpectedly in the last 10 months to cancer.  Don't think my scatter brain mind could cope with any more life dramas right now 😞

if ther are soooo many people with these issues why can't they find us more help for free...I just wish I didn't feel like a fruit loop every time I talk about my issues along with other medical issues I have no cure for - everyone thinks I'm normal and I want to SCREAM out loud and say I'm a bloody basket case inside my head!

Hi Damien, Marley! glad you guys relate..I've not checked in a while though't i would take a peek. Well yes Abso-Lutely-bloody-nothing, however that's now what our thoughts tells us right?. Weve got someone dying, a flood happening, a storm, tidal wave!, locked up in jail..Zomg!!! and well this is just in one week!! .......Ok they are examples lol..But you get my drift........Thanks. now to just minimize this catastrophe's somehow. TC

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Scotty

I keep a useful piece of advice on my wall which helps me deal with this mentality...

- 40% of things most people worry about NEVER HAPPEN
- 30% of what we worry about has already happened and CANNOT BE CHANGED
- 22% of what we worry about regards problems which are BEYOND OUR CONTROL
- 8% of what we worry about are situations over which we have any influence.

The second most useful piece of advice I can give is to live in the moment. If your mind tries to predict the future, bring it back to what's happening right now.  Sometimes we have to live one minute at a time or the mind gets the better of you.

All the best.