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I don't want to cope with it. I want to get rid of it.

Community Member

I don't want to spend the rest of my life dealing with anxiety, depression, fear of change and struggling to do every task in life. 


I want to be someone who doesn't have anxiety and depression. Who doesn't get scared of change and doesn't overwhelmed by every task.


I know things get easier. But that still means I have to deal with it. When I want it to go away forever.


What do I do? 

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome


When ever I read a post like yours I quickly feel sad and it reminds me of my youth, a time when I felt the same.


Then I changed completely in 30 minutes.




However that wasnt the end, thankfully it was the beginning. I realised every person has some unique talents that mental health issue bring. In my case poetry (plenty examples in poetry corner on this site) plus helping others. My depression, bipolar and dysthymia have given me an extraordinary ability to convey my stories and sensitivity into poetry that I love. Such poetry is read out in many funerals in the past, used for victims of crime and so on.


What is your unique ability?  Think of Van Gogh, Churchill, Stephen Fry and so forth. Google- "famous people with depression"...


The above is a process that allows you to accept your illness, your greatest challenge. 




So please try to get this in perspective, yes it hurts, yes its a challenge but if we think positively then everytime we see someone in a wheel chair we'll think how great it is we can walk... and if in a wheel chair we'll think how great it is we can push that wheel chair with our arms and so on.


It's a focus on what we have, not what we havent got. Life is great. Life is hard, life is great...