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I don’t want to fight my mental health anymore

Community Member

I’m bipolar 2, recently stopped working due to a work place incident, living three hours from my two sons who I see briefly for one night every fortnight.  I’m so sick of battling my mental health, I feel like I self sabotage everything and constantly struggle to cope with the situation I’ve found myself in.   

the truth is I don’t see any positives in the future and I’m tired of having the generic discussions with mental health professionals and family.  

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome, I have bipolar 2.


I had a workplace incident in 1987, I fought against minor corruption. Ended up losing my job.


In 1996 I separated from my first wife and had my kids (7 and 4) every second fortnight. Until my eldest moved in with me at 12yo. She is now 34yo. My youngest I dont see at all.

 In 2013 I fell in a heap and have never worked since.


All sounds familiar? Ok, so although we are individuals there can be some similarities with bipolar sufferers. We can be accident prone, over reactive, sensitive, cyclic with moods, negative, black and white attitudes and self destructiveness. I've been on here 10 years and have lots of knowledge and experiences, I still fall in a heap often. So acceptance of our illness is a no brainer, its the effects of the illness itself that controls our situations we find ourselves in thats is the real problem.


Mens sheds, sports with others, gatherings etc, we dont seem to fit in and if we do it isnt for very long. We yearn to be hermits in fear of rejection and find a lot of relationships superficial. So, after all that what is the best avenue we can focus on?


  • Develop faith in the future. Yes your children will be adults and visit you on their own when able.
  • Consider moving closer to be more involved in their lives - if possible
  • Get a medication review 
  • Develop your positives, they wont arrive on their own
  • Introduce more variety. I used to own a small caper trailer and take off Friday nights and get back Sunday morning. Campfire, bbq... fishing... can you do that with your boys?
  • Positive thinking? see below











Lets talk more. I'm here daily