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generalised anxiety disorder in 10 year old

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hi, I'm looking for any advice for GAD in children. My son was misdiagnosed with ADHD and given lots of different types over a 3 month period as nothing was improving his poor behaviour at school.  the medication turbo charged his undiagnosed anxiety. he had a semi psychosis at Christmas, tried to kill me and hit me multiple times, 2 x trips to Children's hospital but no help provided.

4 months later and he is seeing a psychiatrist and is off ADHD medication but he's aggressive, verbally abusive and fearful, and can't go to school as his anxiety is so bad. He's on computer games all day long as we have to work, hard to insist on working from home full time, but one of us can be here, however he is really hard work and its slowly killing our family life. I feel so trapped and helpless. all his friends are very distant now too which is disappointing. Does it get better? what can help? thanks for reading. 
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Hi loopsy


Hi looopsy


look into respite program ( ndis finding ) u need to get that too as respite is very expensive outside of that funding ( also for future ur son may need supported living arrangements ( independent supported living arrangements) it’s very hard road ahead for u . I can’t say it will get better or worse.  Try to get him off video games too they can cause violent outbursts and Depression Get him back into school he need that too even if it’s a special  education school . Good luck 

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Thank you blues23. I appreciate the advice. 

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Hi loopsy,


Im sorry this is happening.


Anxiety can be really hard to deal with and for your 10 year old to be experiencing this it can be very debilitating.


Can I ask if your son has told you what makes him feel anxious?


Are they thoughts or something else?


I understand that you have to work and your son is on computer games….


Can I suggest instead of the computer games you could ask him to do some mindfulness colouring in.


While your son is colouring in ask him to be mindful.. notice the colours he’s using and try to direct his attention on the task at hand.


Can you both go for walks together in nature? Ask your son to practice mindfulness… what can he hear? What can he smell?


Meditation is also great you could google a meditation for children and do this daily.


Ask your son to slow down his breathing and try to put his attention on his breath.


Are your health professionals helpful with providing useful strategies?


I can tell you from lived experience that anxiety does get better but the person suffering it needs to be provided with the correct help for what they are experiencing.

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thank you, this is a great reminder and very helpful.