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Financial Stability is Unachievable

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I’m here because I have been finding it hard to navigate life because of financial concerns. I’m 25. I live rent-free with my boyfriend and we’re doing fine. But a lot of things have happened in the past few years which have made me feel anxious, worried and stressed.


To start, I failed a PhD so I decided to go find a job. When I finally got one, I was fired a month in for not being a good fit. So I decided to start studying a masters in a different field which I am enjoying. But I still needed money and I continued my struggle for a job. I got one with good pay but my mental health suffered due to my coworkers attitudes. I finally quit about a year and a month of working there as I had enough but now we are here. Unemployed. Studying. No income. Centrelink keeps making me fill out paperwork and I am using my life savings due to costs of living rising rapidly. To top it off, we had to move further away due to our house getting written off in a storm. So travelling is costing more. I only have my boyfriend near me for support. I’m not close with his family and my family live over 8 hours away and I don’t have any friends in the area. I’m alone most of the time. My boyfriend gets bombarded with all the things I stress about and it’s not healthy for me to place it all on him and I feel he doesn’t know how to deal with it sometimes. 

I haven’t got any formal diagnoses but I feel like I have chronic stress. I worry about being good enough to get and maintain a job. I worry about being good at the job. I worry that being financially stable in this global environment of rising costs is not achievable. I worry about not being able to achieve all the goals that I want to accomplish. I worry about everything from career, my body, my life. It makes me feel depressed and I tend to compensate my stress with food which is not healthy either. I just don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Anybody got any advice on how to manage my stress and worry levels? 


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Hi Lu8Lu8,


Well done for reaching out to these forums. There are always people here who will support you if you need to talk.


Sometimes it can be hard to separate a mental health issue from 'life at present sucks'.  It is perfectly natural to get stressed and anxious when life is going through a difficult phase.  The first step if you are concerned that you need a diagnosis, is to talk to your GP. Make sure you find one you are comfortable with and you feel listens and takes you seriously. A GP can help work out what further professional assistance you may need.


You are studying, and that is always stressful as well.  Try not to think too far into the future. It sounds like your immediate concern is that you need to find some income while you're studying. Does your university have a jobs page or adviser who could help? Often they'll have a list of the type of company who needs people for casual shift work to fund their studying.


Reach out to your GP and keep talking on the forums. 



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Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are stressed about your financial security. I'm not sure if this helps but I think a lot of people have similar concerns right now given the state of the economy and rising costs of living. 


You mentioned that your parents live hours away, but maybe you could speak to them via a phone call or video message about your concerns?


I know its difficult to put yourself out there, especially after being let go by your previous employer but it might help to alleviate some anxiety if you can try to get another job. Even if it's just a few hours a week to start with. 


You could try asking within the local community for odd jobs like mowing lawns, cleaning or pet services if that would make you less anxious than going through all the interviews etc for a 'formal' job. 


I hope you can find a way to reduce your stress and feel more stable in life. 

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I feel you, 25 here too and fallen down the same rabbit hole. All I can say is take it day by day and start convincing yourself to believe. Believe in yourself, your work ethic, what you want and where you want to be. Manifest that kind of wonderful into your life and dont give up!!!

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Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing something similar. Thank you for the advice, definitely trying to take it day by day. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s just a tricky time. 


Thanks for your reply. Definitely understand that many people are feeling the same pinch. I can definitely talk to my family over the phone but it’s not the same support as in person. I have in the last week contacted my casual job employee and they have offered me a couple of days but it isn’t stable. I am just about fed up with Centrelink too. 

Thank you HappySheep for your reply. I’m not sure if I truly need a diagnosis for my anxiety and stress. But thank you for the advice. 

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Dear Lu8Lu8,

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties with work, especially when you seem to have tried so hard.


I went through a similar thing when I was younger and had constant severe financial issues. My doctor referred me to the Commonwealth Rehabilituon Service.


Unfortunately this body doesn't exist now but your doctor or Centrelink may be able to suggest an altenative.


During counselling with this service, I discovered my excessive guilt, which lead to feelings of being undeserving of money. 


You certainly seem to have a good work ethic so I wonder if you have guilt feelings LuLu that may be preventing you from success at work.


Perhaps counselling could help you too and please continue to post on this forum. We are more than happy to listen and support you through this difficult time.

Very kindest regards,

Richju xxxxxxxx