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Everything seems wrong with me

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Hi, this is my first time ever doing something like this. Lately, I have been struggling with what emotion I'm supposed to feel. I cry without knowing why I'm crying or breaking down. I get anxiety tics, I've been getting some really bad intrusive thoughts and I don't feel normal. Lately I just space out for long periods of time not thinking about anything, just a blank stare on my face.

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Please know you have connected with me. Put your feet to the floor , I am here and very real.

Let me share a piece of information once shared with me.

Like a goose bump that appears on your skin when you are cold , your body is closing to support your coldness and keeping the warmth in. 

When you are feeling overwhelmed and your heart , soul and mind is struggling your body will also close down and disengage to support you. I hope this makes sense too you. I have felt this before , your body is putting up a protective shield and removing you for a while until it is ready to face life again.

I would really like it if you would continue to talk with me.