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Embarrassed and freaking out

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So I’m embarrassed to say that I did a bit of road rage today and now I am freaking out whether I will get in trouble with police.

So I am driving along 80km zone, wet road and low visibility. Dark car with no headlights being driven going 40-50kms. Learner driver. I pass him but couldn’t see the car and we nearly hit. He beeped me. Like it shook me .  I slow up ahead and turn off road, onto a side road and he follows me. Thinking that he will say something and I will say I’m so sorry I didn’t see you, if you could out ur lights on He passes me slow and supervising driver gives the  finger, I yelled at him to put his lights on. It’s a one way road, so I’m behind him, still no lights, so I flash him to give the hint. Eventually he pulls over and I stop too, now this learner was a danger on the road and the supervising driver was just head down on his phone. I went up to say to put headlight on cause he couldn’t be seen and it was a safety thing, supervising driver just said “ that he is learning” he refused to put down the window so I’m yelling so he can hear. That it was his responsibility to teach him, and to follow the road rules and on a wet road with cloudy and dark car you can’t be seen and I nearly hit you, turn your lights on. 
Anyway he kept ignoring me and typing on his phone.  After a couple of minutes of yelling, I left but I’m so scared. What if he reported me to the police? 
I have never acted like that before, usually cautious and considerate of learner drivers, but this one was causing a dangerous situation,

should I be freaking out about the police knocking on my door? 

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Valued Contributor

Yes, the one finger salute has that effect on people...
Looking at this after the fact, you may have been reflecting on an irrational response to the incident - first in unsafely overtaking someone (if it was a near miss), justifying the action (no lights), and being denied a hearing (from the preoccupied 'supervisor').

Given the response from the supervisor, I doubt this would end up with police - far more likely to appear on 'You Tube'.

You scared yourself today from an uncharacteristic behaviour. No one was injured (or seemingly perturbed by your remonstration), and you learned a valuable lesson to take a deep breath and stay in your car. Otherwise we can end up looking a bit silly.

If there is a police response, then I guess that will just have to be lesson number two...

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Hi there, just read your post and I hope all has ended okay. Try not to beat yourself up about it. I think we all have less than glamorous moments when driving and thankfully yourself and the other party are okay.