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Young and hurting

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I’m a complete newbie to any forum and especially about mental health. But I thought at this tough time I needed to speak out and not hold it in. So here it goes.

I'm 21 and still living at home with my parents while studying sport management. I still have a part time retail job and making a good income. I recently purchased my first new used car with help from dad but I’m paying him back in good terms. Another addition in my life is my new puppy Ziggy (mini dachshund)-10 weeks. Which is keeping me company in isolation.
So life on the surface seems great with everything but when you scratch the surface I’m not healthy as I need to be.

Firstly, my health overall is good but my fitness level is below average. Partly due to not playing footy atm. I’m not on any medications or anything but I am wanting to improve my health and gain advantages out of my healthy body. But I can’t. My mental health is stopping me. Every time before iso I had gym phobia. I would hate going and get really down on myself. My diet would go into a bad patch for the week , eating junk food etc. Just before iso I improved it with gradually going to the gym but could never keep a good routine.

im a really outgoing person. I love seeing friends and family and I love my face to face interactions at work but I feel like something is holding me back. Then my anxious mind overpowers my body.

I believe one reasons is my constant struggle with my parents and still living at home. I love my family and parents with all my heart but with constant bickering, them questioning about everything and lack of independence my mind can’t handle it. I feel trapped and when I speak out about anything they just don’t listen at all so I hold the most important stuff in. FYI this has been going on for years not just being in Isolation.

l feel I need independence from them and I’m wanting to move out but with a low income I just can’t financially do that atm and waiting to uni to finish and intern while iso lifts.

I feel like I’m worrying more about the differences between them and I then improving myself. I just don’t know how to deal with it atm. I don’t want to exclude them from my life but i believe I need independence.

if anyone out can give me some tips and help I would appreciate greatly. I wanting to improve my wellbeing.



p.s. I hate the term “your young, just live your life” because I do live my life comfortably but there’s a difference between living and improving.

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Hi Justharry,

Welcome to the forums. I agree that there is a big different between living your life and improving (at any age!). There are a lot of people here that on the surface have a great life, but still have mental health issues. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't complain about them because the rest of my life is pretty good! Especially compared to others. But mental health issues don't discriminate and they are not always around because of a bad situation.

I hope speaking out helps you move through your issues a little. It can be helpful to talk about them online where no one judges you for it.

I think a lot of people are struggling with being isolated from friends at the moment. I am a pretty big introvert, but even I am getting edgy being at home for so long! I can't imagine how hard it is for people like yourself who are outgoing.

It sucks that your parents aren't listening to you. Is there anyone else you can talk to about it, like a counselor or psychologist? They probably won't be able to improve the situation, but at least you won't be holding everything inside.